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10 things of “FRIENDS” that even annoyed dedicated fans

10 things of “FRIENDS” that even annoyed dedicated fans

Everyone wanted to be Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, or Phoebe, or at the very least have a close-knit group of friends like the gang. The well-loved series produced many classic and iconic moments, but there were times when even dedicated fans were annoyed by the six friends.

FRIENDS: The Problematic Jokes

Fat-shaming Monica was a popular reoccurrence after the friends discovered she was much bigger in high school. Homophobic jokes also persist throughout the series, with a lot directed at Ross’s ex-wife Carol and her new relationship. Chandler’s dad is also the butt of some homophobic and transphobic jokes as well. The list goes on and it is hard to overlook.

Friends: The Toxic Masculinity

There are many instances throughout the series where male behavior deviates from what others see as “normal” and just becomes toxic. When Ross finds Ben playing with a Barbie doll, he is upset about it to the point where he basically tries to force Ben to play with a G.I. Joe instead.
When Rachel hires a sensitive male nanny, Ross constantly questions his sexuality as if to say a straight man can’t be vulnerable or display what he considers feminine emotions. Joey also takes jabs from his male comrades when he decides to carry a purse or wear makeup for his job.

Friends: Ross & Rachel Were Definitely On A Break

Ross and Rachel’s relationship is one of the main sources of drama in the series. The on-again, off-again pair honestly brings out the worst in one another. Ross’s jealousy is what eventually leads Rachel to suggest the two take a break from one another.
Ross’s actions after the breakup led to the popular phrase “We were on a break,” which became a long-running joke throughout the remainder of the show. Despite Rachel’s attitude and views on the matter, the two were definitely broken up and the rest was just unnecessary drama.

Ross’ Pros & Cons List

After finding out Rachel has feelings for him, Ross is left to decide between Rachel and Julie. To do so, he makes a pros and cons list for the two women. Except Rachel’s are all cons and the only thing he writes on Julie’s side is “she’s not Rachel.”
The list is annoying because Ross has been in love with Rachel since high school. So the choice should have been fairly easy for him. That list was also just really hurtful, and when Rachel finds it, she is rightfully upset about it. The list should have never happened in the first place.

The One Where No One’s Ready is one of the most infuriating episodes

Although “The One Where No One’s Ready” is considered to be a classic episode. It is also one of the most infuriating episodes of the entire series. Ross has a special event at his museum and has invited everyone to come along. But things don’t go so smoothly.
When he arrives at Monica’s apartment, no one is dressed and anxiety ensues. Chandler and Joey are fighting over a chair, Rachel can’t decide what to wear. And Monica is obsessing over a message on Richard’s answering machine. Everyone acts so immaturely and Ross should have just left them behind.

Why Do They Have So Much Free Time?

All of the six friends have jobs, so why is it that they have so much free time? It is understandable that Joey has a lot of free time as he is usually between acting gigs. But the others have regular full-time positions.
Ross is a paleontologist and a professor and Monica is supposedly the main chef at a popular restaurant. So their work hours might be somewhat irregular. Regardless, the six friends are always seen in the daytime hours hanging around Monica’s apartment or meeting up at Central Perk.

There’s No Way Monica Could Afford That Apartment

Monica’s apartment is huge, and it has to be, considering it is the main hangout of the six friends. A 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with a balcony in Manhattan should be beyond her salary, given that she sometimes finds herself between jobs.
The show writes this point off as rent control, but that doesn’t explain how the other friends also are able to afford large apartments. Not only that, the friends frequently dine out, grab coffee at Central Perk, or in Rachel’s case, go shopping for designer clothes. It just doesn’t add up.

Monica Guilting Chandler Into Spending All His Savings On Their Wedding

When Monica and Chandler are planning their wedding, Monica learns that Chandler has saved up a lot of money. Monica is overjoyed that she can have the wedding of her dreams, but Chandler wants to save the money for their future.
Chandler’s position on the matter is firm at first, but Monica eventually guilts him into agreeing to use it all on the wedding. It’s much smarter to have a sensible wedding and maintain sizeable savings to build a life on.

Joey Proposing to Rachel

One of the biggest misunderstandings of the series is when Joey proposes to Rachel. Rachel is in a vulnerable place after Emma’s birth and is afraid of ending up alone. When she sees Joey down on one knee with a ring, she says yes.
However, Joey wasn’t actually proposing. Joey was just picking up the ring that fell out of Ross’s pocket. Ross walks in on the scene and neither he nor Joey clears up the misunderstanding. The whole situation goes on for far longer than necessary.

When Chandler & Joey Lose Ben

Joey and Chandler are supposed to be babysitting Ben while Ross goes to the hospital. On an outing with Ben, Joey and Chandler get distracted by two women and end up leaving Ben on a bus. They eventually track him down at the Department of Human Services where they have to pick him out of two identical babies.
There is nothing more frightening for a parent than something happening to their child. For this reason, it is unthinkable that Ross would have anything to do with Joey or Chandler after they lose Ben on a bus. Losing someone’s child is just unforgivable.