11 Pictures that shows David Schimmer is hotter with Beard

Ross Geller, played by David Schimmer on Friends, is equally loved and hated by fans. This was because he was so uncomfortable in his own masculinity to respect him. Despite him being awkward, you can almost always count on Ross to do the right thing.

Beard says it makes you hotter, and Ross definitely proves that this is absolutely right. Fans absolutely love the look on him as it makes him look different than the nerdy, geeky role he played on the show. This is what Fans Think About A Ross Geller with Beard!

David Schimmer looks so handsome with a beard!!!

Ummm, okay Ross! I’ve always thought he was a cutie but with that beard, he is HOTTTT!

With a beard and mustache he’s FINE!!

Just proof what facial hair can do. Gotta have at least some scruff in my opinion

David Schwimmer Photoshoot 1997

If they didn’t give his character the dorky personality they did and he looked like this all the time omg. But he played the dorky part well nonetheless

David Schwimmer during an interview in Las Vegas, 2017

Ross is giving me Jon B vibes with the facial hair. I will definitely choose Ross.

David Schwimmer, attending Golden globes 2014.

The beard makes him look kind of attractive, that goes against him being a nerdy Ross like they needed lo

2015, California

I have NEVER found Ross attractive…yet with a small amount of facial hair I took a second look

Now the facial hair has been added I actually find him good looking!

David Schwimmer on the set of FRIENDS

Ross with the beard is hot!!!!!

Ross Geller, FRIENDS shoot

Further proof that a beard instantly makes men 10000% hotter

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