15 pictures that proves Courtney Cox is as prettier as Jennifer Aniston

We love the FRIENDS show and we love all the cast members equally (we don’t have anyone favorite as far as possible). But you don’t have to be like us, be a fan and be a true fan who will support the favorite character till the last breath. While Jennifer Aniston is the style icon, Courteney Cox is Gorgeous  too. You are free to shoot your opinions in the comments section. Now, let’s check out some pics to help us come to a conclusion:

1.Cox During FRIENDS

This picture is taken on the sets of FREINDS. These two are looking gorgeous but Courteney definitely steals the show.

2. Cox During Cougar Town

Rachel and Monica were the friendship goals for FRIENDS fans. And, they still share the same bond which you can see in this picture. But, Monica looks pretty amazing in this picture.

3.Cox Piercing Blue Eyes

Courteney’s beautiful eyes and killer smile are always at the top and beats everyone. A pic from her young days when she was like a dream come true.

4. Old is Gold

The saying “Old is Gold” suits well on Courteney Cox. She looks gorgeous in this picture. The ladies have aged well and fans can’t stop but wondering how?

5. Cox Blue Dress Blue Eyes

With wavy hair and gorgeous looks, Courteney Cox’s looks are to die for. When FRIENDS was trending, which it is doing still, people were madly in love with her. Many wanted to marry her and the pics say it, why wouldn’t they?

6. Cox Smile to Die for

Courteney Cox definitely got the best features among all the cast members of the show FRIENDS. Just look at that smile! Anyone could go crazy.

7. Style Icon

Courteney surely looks mesmerizing in this 90s black dress and is all set to put ground on fire. They were style icons back then and both of them had a fashion sense that would easily trend in the world around. Just look at Courteney in that leather dress. Always gorgeous!

8. That Cute Smile

No one can beat this cute smile. You go, girl! People would die for it.

9. Simply Gorgeous

When it comes to breathtaking looks, Courteney is all up for it and her eyes are doing it all. Beauty often comes in simplicity and here we know it.

10. Looking Prettier than Ever

This is the picture of the duo from an Award function. Look how pretty Courteney is looking in that black dress. Jennifer is adorable too but Courteney stole the show.

12. Beautiful Besties

Courteney Cox is looking pretty amazing after beating her former co-star, Jennifer Aniston in the game of pool.

13. Mesmerizing candid!

Her hands running down her beautiful hairs and those intense eyes in which you can drown forever.

14. Black dress and a Side Bun

This picture is again from an award show in which the duo is posing to click pictures. Courteney is yet again stealing the show with a black dress, side bun, and a beautiful smile on her face.

15. Ladies in Black

Jennifer Aniston is looking amazing in this picture but Courteney Cox turned all heads around by looking so gorgeous in this black dress and straight hair.

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