15 Times Kaley Cuoco Left Us Aww In Big Bang Theory

Kaley Christine Cuoco, an American actress hailing from Camarillo, California is widely known as her character Penny, from the famous American television sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ The show is a masterpiece created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, who’ve produced so many great series over the past decade. Kaley Cuoco is one of the greatest attractions of this show with her amazing looks and classy appeal. Her sexy attire and uncanny ability to light up the screen is something people generally miss especially in the sitcoms and when the producers announced the fresh seasons going on air this 2016, an air of satisfaction seemed to appear among the TBBT fans.

15 Penny Showing Off Her Stunning Lingerie

How about this for some dirty laundry? In an alternate universe flashback, Sheldon was in the laundry room when Penny entered and attempted to seduce him. She took off her sweater to reveal a sexy pink bra covering her big watermelons but still Sheldon seemed uninterested.

14.Even Raj Couldn’t Resist The Temptation

The election for the new chairman of the council scientists were about to happen and two big contenders for the post were Dr. Leonard Hofstadter and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, who appeared in front of the tenure committee along with their girlfriends for moral support.

13.Penny’s Pixie Cut

Another master piece from this sexy little bombshell in a very different, and the audience was captivated by it. Kaley had this short haired look and kept it for a while, which appealed the viewers so much that she was getting text messages and phone calls telling her not to change the hairstyle. Alongside the pixie crop, a cute mini black dress and heals that she tries to get fit into, which creates a perfect treat for her fans.

12.The Sex Dungeon

Sheldon suddenly wakes up in the night and tells his girlfriend Amy that he can’t sleep and wants to know whether everything was okay in his old room. Sheldon started living with Amy and his old room was free to use for whatever purpose, and looks like Penny and Leonard came up with some exciting activities.

11.Penny Wants A Piece Of Leonard

Penny just wants to take total control of the physicist and want to satisfy all her desires. Penny is so desperate for this, that she doesn’t even want Leonard to utter a single word from his mouth. This is no doubt one of the sexiest moments of the show and set our pulses racing.

10.Shoulder Dislocation Drama — Still Cute Though

Penny dislocated her shoulder in the shower and had to call up Sheldon for some help since Leonard and company were away camping in the woods. Poor Penny, looking vulnerable and in pain during this time of emergency. Penny called up Sheldon for help but he freaked out for not having any safety measures in the bathroom, and lambasted her for a disorganized bathroom system.

9.Our Jealousy Of Leonard

Kaley Cuoco is paired up with Johnny Galecki, who portrays the character of scientist Leonard Hofstadter, and is envied by virtually all men on earth. He has some amazing scenes in the series with Kaley Cuoco, and every fan of hers just wants to get into his shoes.

8.When Penny Was Repulsed By Leonard

Penny reportedly wanted some rough sex with Leonard. Instead, they end up having a weird conversation about their parents. Come on Leonard, you shouldn’t be saying things like this, especially when your beautiful girlfriend wants some special attention in the bedroom.

7.That Towel Won’t Drop!

Penny had to come out of the bath room to take part in a silly little conversation with the girls. Penny you could’ve come out a minute later, the girls weren’t going anywhere. To the best of interest of the audience, Kaley Cuoco appeared in the purple towel with her hands kept tightly on her chest. Penny always keeps audience on the edge of their seats, even if some moments are awkwardly hot.

6.Is That Her Arm Sheldon?

Penny wants Sheldon to help her in getting that shirt on since she had an accident in the bathroom. Sheldon, like a good boy, always closes his eyes helps her get into that shirt.

5.A Sleek Fashion Show Before A Girls’ Night Out

The guys decided to have a game night, so the girls planned a night out. They appeared onscreen and showed the guys what they’re missing out on, with Bernadette, Amy and the Bombshell Penny wearing stunning dresses. They walked around the room and set our pulses racing with their catwalks, while Stuart looked shellshocked.

4.It’s Valentine’s Day!

In between Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler’s fun, in which both the experts solved complex relationship problems, Penny and Leonard jumped in with this eye-catching ensemble. They entered the house wearing red and white costumes. Kaley Cuoco looked stunning in a cute white top having red fluffy edges. Their costume suggested they were out there on the road partying hard, spraying foam, drinking alcohol and making a meal out of one another.

3.Raj Gets Some Action!

During the roommate transformation, Penny and Raj shared a drink together and became friends. The expected moment had arrived and Raj got the biggest prizes of his life. Penny couldn’t believe her eyes that she had Raj in bed with her.

2.Tell Me You’re Not Having Coitus

Penny had Amy, Howard, and Bernadette in her apartment for the night and all of them were characteristically themselves while they were asleep. So Penny decided to knock on Leonard’s door. He had Sheldon with him on the other bed sleeping, so there wasn’t any chance of Leonard’s wishes coming true.

1.Take A Closer Look

Last but not the least, we see Penny in these revealing shorts and top combo. In this scene, Leonard and Penny get into an ugly conversation, where Penny just asks Leonard to stop interfering in her matters. One could definitely count it as a wardrobe malfunction, but it’s also a treat for the audience.

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