18 Pictures of Kaley Cuoco She Doe Not Want to Show To Anyone

Being a celebrity and appearing in public is a different experience than what we ordinary people are used to. If we do something unusual or slightly strange, we might get a few awkward looks, but if celebrities do it, it will most likely haunt them online for the rest of their lives. But, hey, if there’s one good thing to come out of it, it’s that it makes us realize how similar celebrities are to us — once the wealth and fame are removed. So we thought we’d look at actor Kaley Cuoco, best known for her role as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, or compile a list of paparazzi photos of her today. Some are embarrassing, some are strange, and others are incredibly relatable. But not just any paparazzi pics — only those in which it seems as if the Hollywood star has no clue she’s being photographed.

18. At this point, Kaley realized she had left her car keys at the gym.


The funny thing is that forgetting things happen no matter how wealthy or famous you are. So here’s Kaley, realizing she forgot her car keys at the gym and will have to return all the way home to get them! Isn’t it vexing when this happens?

17. We’re not sure why she enjoys wrapping herself in towels.


The actress has been seen leaving her workouts wrapped in a couple of towels on multiple occasions, and we’re not sure what the point of those is. Don’t bother going after us; we don’t work out much, and if there’s a reasonable explanation for this look, we apologize for questioning it!

16. However, it is a typical fashion style that the actress wears.


Another Kaley Cuoco towel photo! This time, the actress isn’t just sporting her signature post-workout look, but she’s also making funny faces and entertaining her friend. And, while she appears to be having the time of her life, we’re guessing she doesn’t enjoy looking at these photos.

15. She’s Riding Her Horse, Unaware That Someone Is Taking Photographs Of Her.


We enjoy seeing what celebrities do between work, red carpets, and lavish parties in their spare time. Kaley appears to enjoy horseback riding, and photos of her focus and in her element, such as the ones above, are standard. The actress seems to be having so much fun that she didn’t even notice the paparazzi!

14. And, given that she’s a vegan, we’re curious what she ordered at In-N-Out.


According to Happy Cow, actor Kaley Cuoco is a vegan, which she has stated on numerous occasions. However, when photos of the star ordering take-out from In-N-Out popped up on the internet, fans everywhere began to wonder if that was true, as In-N-Out isn’t precisely the type of place you’d go for a vegan meal.

13. She’s holding a cookie, hopefully, a vegan one


While we’re not sure if the cookie is vegan or not, we love seeing the actress eat it while running errands. Seeing that even the fittest celebrities occasionally indulge in an unhealthy snack makes us feel a little more connected to them.

12. And take a look at the celebrity getting her nails done.


We adore a celebrity who isn’t afraid to experiment with their appearance! The actor was spotted getting her nails done at a Los Angeles salon, and while we love Kaley’s usual blonde hair — we also love the funky pink color! Here’s a picture of Kaley with pink hair to spice things up!

11. Kaley Cuoco’s mood seems to suffer when she goes grocery shopping.


Grocery shopping is an errand that many of us despise, so we’re not surprised that Kaley feels the same way. The only difference between her & us is that she can probably afford to have someone do her shopping for her; we don’t have that luxury.

10. And so does taking out her trash.


Well, this is one of those chores that no one enjoys, so it’s safe to say that we all share Kaley’s feelings about taking out the trash. It’s nice to see that even the rich & powerful do things they don’t want to do now and then.

9. She’s giving us a Hollywood yawn.


That is not a photo opportunity — yawning is never a good look on anyone. Kaley, as you can see, is no exception. But, hey, celebrities are still people, so we can’t judge her. However, we adore her beanie & sunglasses ensemble; it’s very fashionable!

8. And here she is having the time of her life with Ashton Kutcher at a Pacers-Lakers game.


Anyone who has ever watched a basketball game knows that they are highly unpredictable and usually a rollercoaster of emotions. If you hadn’t noticed, Kaley enjoys attending Los Angeles Lakers games. Here she is with fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, playing a game that appears quite intense based on their facial expressions.

7. At Disneyland, she’s seen with Bae Karl Cook.


Kaley appeared to be having a good time while riding all the fun rides at Disneyland with her husband Karl Cook — & judging by all the screaming she did, the paparazzi were the least of her worries! But seriously, we’re so jealous of these two having a good time that we may or may not be planning our next trip to Disneyland right now.

6. And here’s Kaley Cuoco doing mundane tasks that we all do.


Well, if you drive a car, you will finally need to fill the tank — and celebrities are no exception. So, while at the gas station, Kaley serves us a mix of girl-next-door and boss-lady looks. We love how relatable Kaley is; these photos make us feel like she’s one of us!

5. Except when she tries to stretch while doing mundane tasks — because Kaley Cuoco is all about living a healthy lifestyle.


Kaley Cuoco appears to be the type of person who makes the most of every opportunity, so if you thought she’d stand there filling up her tank, you’d be sorely disappointed.

4. She looks stunning while playing tennis


Aside from going to the gym and horseback riding, Kaley Cuoco appears to enjoy playing tennis, and let us tell you. We don’t know the first thing about tennis, but Kaley seems to be nailing it! And we adore her adorable outfit, complete with pink shorts & matching socks!

3. And Here’s a photo of her exchanging insurance information after crashing into this guy’s car.


According to the Daily Mail, Kaley Cuoco accidentally collided with a man’s car, and the two can be seen exchanging insurance information in the photo above. Fortunately, it was only a minor bump, & no one was hurt — and, judging by the guy’s expression, he appears to be overjoyed to have met a celebrity!

2. Shopping with Bae Karl lifts her spirits.


Remember how Kaley Cuoco was grumpy when she went shopping by herself? Yeah, shopping with hubby Karl isn’t nearly as tedious and aggravating. Based on the photos, you’d think Kaley enjoys this couple’s activity! Running errands with someone is always more fun, and this applies to celebrities just as much as it does to us mere mortals.

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1. Finally, she’s wearing a flower crown because life is too short, and we should all learn from Kaley Cuoco.


To finish, we chose these photos of a pleased Kaley Cuoco leaving her workout wearing a flower crown. We have no idea why, but the actual question here is why not? Kaley appears to be living her life to the fullest, and if we take one thing away from the list, it should be that!

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