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20 Photos that shows that Mathew Perry has given up (AND Chandler Bing must be disappointed)

20 Photos that shows that Mathew Perry has given up (AND Chandler Bing must be disappointed)

Unfortunately, Mathew Perry life hasn’t been as peachy or light as Chandler’s was…

Mathew Perry was a massive part of millennials’ lives, believe it or not. If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you were a big Friends fan and Chandler Bing. was not so much a character as an experience. He was the sarcastic, funny one out of the Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Ross clan. he was usually able to make you laugh your funny bone off.

Unfortunately, Mathew Perry’s life was not as peachy or light as Chandler’s was.
Even when filming the show itself, Perry. Was in and out of rehab for multiple issues and his life hasn’t been easy. Since the final episode aired over a decade ago.
His life has only seemed to go downhill and here are 20 heartbreaking pictures to prove it.

20.Over The Hill

If you’ve been keeping up with all your “Friends” in their post-Friends careers. You know that a majority of the cast have aged gracefully. But poor Perry – he’s not looking as stunning as say, Jennifer Aniston, at the delicate age of 50. He practically wears his hard life on his face wherever he goes.

19.Are The Rumors True About Mathew Perry

Out of all the Friends cast, usually, when we hear a rumor about Mathew Perry, it tends to be true. Like, back in 1997 when we heard he went to rehab to kick a Vicodin addiction. We were all wondering if it was just tabloid nonsense. But the proof was in a dramatic weight loss he suffered on the show itself.

18.Does Mathew Perry Only Have Months To Live?

So when we all heard the rumors that he had fallen off the wagon yet again and only had months to live. We had to do our research in order to understand if it’s true. Gossip sites went into a frenzy when a Globe article said he was back on. The sauce again and his close friends were worried he had months to live.

17.Sometimes Mathew Perry Looks It

Gossip Cop, a website that debunks popular rumors heard flying around social media these days. Revealed this to only be a rumor and that Perry is just slumming around only LOOKING like death, not actually dying. Maybe he can get the help of Jennifer or Courtney Cox to help him look a little less homeless?

16.Troubling Times

It’s good to know that Perry is still ON the wagon. But his rather sickly appearance lately has been due to Mathew Perry Recovering from abdominal surgery that helped repair a gastrointestinal perforation. On Twitter last year, the actor said that he had spent three months in the hospital recovering from the surgery.

15.Could Chandler Be Anymore Upset?

In the fictional world, Chandler Bing ended up being successful and married to his best friend. At the end of the series, both he and Monica had adopted twins. Were looking to lead a very happy life in the New York suburbs. In real life, Mathew Perry seemed like he had a harder time.

14.Sometimes He Tries…

In his post-Friends world,Mathew Perry had some pretty successful hits, especially in the film world. In 2009, he starred in the comedy 17 Again with Zac Efron. Which was about a man who is suddenly the age of 17 again and gets to live through his high school glory days.

13.But More Often He Doesn’t

However, while he’s starred in some good stuff, he’s starred in some flops too. Like the movie Numb, who was supposed to be a dark change for Perry from his Chandler days, but it ended up going straight to DVD. He then starred in a dark comedy pilot called The End of Steve, which Showtime passed on.

12.We Really Miss The Old Matthew

Things were starting to look up in 2012 when NBC announced that Perry had teamed up with former Friends producer Scott Silveri on a show called Go On, which was about a sportscaster who is a widower in therapy. Even though NBC picked it up for a full season, it was dropped before a second season could be renewed.

11.Our “Friend” Matthew

Some of the best photos we’ve seen of Matthew have actually been on his former co-stars’ Instagram feeds or Twitter feeds, like this particular photo that was taken with Cox a while ago. Both look like they’re beaming, which makes us nostalgic to hear Chandler deliver a single one-liner just one more time.

10.The Old, Sarcastic Funnyman

He’s guest-starred on some pretty popular shows and looked good doing so. Like in 2012, when he guest-starred in the CBS drama The Good Wife as attorney Mike Kresteva (he would later end up reprising the role in the fourth season of the show). It’s good to know that producers and directors alike are still rooting for Matthew to prevail.

9.Getting Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

Matthew Perry has a reason to be grumpy because a great deal of the shows he stars in have either a short-life span or are simply not picked up by major networks. A perfect example was in 2015, when CBS tried to revive the sitcom The Odd Couple with Matthew Perry in the role of Oscar Madison.

8.It’s Just Not His Day

Thomas Lennon ended up playing the Felix Unger to Perry’s Oscar, but, alas, the show only lasted two seasons (which was actually longer than a majority of the shows that Perry tried to get off the ground post-Friends). From there, he moved to the stage in London where he was the lead in The End of Longing.

7.Missing His Support System

He’s had some pretty strong runs that helped boost his career, but we still worry about his appearance in general. Is he unhappy? He has no reason to be, really, despite missing more than he hits when it comes to productions. He ended up reprising his role as Mike Kresteva in The Good Fight (the sequel to The Good Wife) in 2017.

6.Given Up

Back in 2013, Perry actually received a Champion of Recovery award from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Perry had opened Perry House, which was a sober living home that he created out of his former mansion in Malibu, California. This proves that while tabloids like to comment on him constantly, he’s doing good deeds for the world.

5.Lifelong Buddies

Jennifer Aniston dropped this photo gem on Instagram a little while ago and hinted at a possible Friends reunion that would premiere on the new streaming service HBO Max (which drops next year). It would be a single reunion special. While some rumors started that Perry was the lone holdout, this simply isn’t true.

4.Not His Best Side

A source claimed that Perry wasn’t happy with the material for the reunion special and was putting the entire idea of the show in jeopardy. However, Gossip Cop quickly went to work and debunked this particular “source” and said that Perry was completely on board with the entire reunion project and excited about it.

3.A “Surprised” Look

We’re pretty sure that if the reunion between the Friends cast members does ever end up happening, Perry would clean up his look a bit in order to get back into the Chandler Bing mindset. Otherwise, we’d see Chandler looking like a sloth next to Cox, who has aged gracefully, and that wouldn’t be the prettiest sight.

2.Slumming It

I mean, if Chandler wasn’t happy with his career, his kids, who are now in their teens, would be driving him batty and he has to put up with Monica’s constant anal-retentive behavior which probably has only gotten worse over the course of their marriage, why wouldn’t he look like this every day?

1.Can He Get His Life Back On Track?

Despite only LOOKING like he’s given up on life, Perry certainly hasn’t. Sure, he’s hit some rough patches in his post-Friends career, but all his co-stars have had some misses too, so it’s only natural. I mean, he starred on one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, so he deserves some praise