5 Breakups in Friends That Fans Wanted So Bad

Throughout the span of Friends, all of the fundamental characters dates a shockingly huge number of characters (and Ross, obviously, weds a few of them!). And keeping in mind that, eventually, they figure out how to (for the most part) track down their lobsters, it takes a great deal of separations en route. A portion of these were the ones that broke fans hearts, particularly when they boiled down to two individuals who just dont need exactly the same thing (like Monica and Richard). Others, however, were a long way from disturbing.

Ross And Julie:

Although we all agree that Julie was Better than Rachel and ofc she was a lovely person but we all want their relationship to end because fans want to see Ross and Rachel together from the season 1.Everyone loves Their couple. When Ross came with Julie on the plane although she was a nice person but it was really heartbreaking for every fan. From that moment everyone wanted their relationship to end.

Monica And Timothy Burke:

Timothy is the son of Richard. When Monica And Richard has a strong History and everyone liked them as a couple in friends so it was very Weird when Monica was with Timothy. Richard was a great part of her life so everyone want their relationship to end .

Rachel And Russ:

Russ was basically a gag character for Rachel to date, however it was a viable one, so obviously, fans were pulling for them to separate! Rachel dated Russ subsequent to parting ways with Ross in friends, and couldn’t see that they were basically the very same individual.

Joey And Rachel:

Of the multitude of connections on the series, this was certainly the most loathed by fans all in all. The choice to combine up Joey and Rachel felt like lethargic composition, and regularly appeared to be off-kilter particularly given Rachels history with Ross, and afterward the chaotic Rachel/Joey/Ross/Charlie circle of drama (or love square, maybe!). The relationship never truly felt like it was working, and needed genuine science, so when they chose to throw in the towel, it just seemed well and good.

Ross And Mona:

For probably the first time, Ross really figured out how to begin a relationship with a great, understanding, age-suitable lady that he was getting to know gradually however fans were pulling for it to end since Mona merited better! She and Ross got together around the time that Rachel was pregnant (with Rosss child, obviously). And Ross treated her frightfully. ROSS didn’t let her beginning and end know that was happening with his circumstance. ROSS over and over neglected plans with her. He ran out of a date with her when Rachel was having Braxton-Hicks compressions. . And he blew a gasket at her for needing to convey an occasion card.


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