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8 Most Replaceable Harry Potter Characters And 8 We Could Never Lose

8 Most Replaceable Harry Potter Characters And 8 We Could Never Lose

The magic of the Harry Potter universe comes from the complex, loveable characters that make a story about wizards and witches seem so relatable. While the setting, the plot, and the magic system have all played their part in making this series one of the most popular of all time, it’s the characters that hook us into the world and make us fall in love with it.

Replaceable: We Could Lose Aunt Marge

No Harry Potter character is truly replaceable, but if we had to pick a few who were not as crucial as the rest, then Aunt Marge would be at the top of the list. She doesn’t contribute anything other than a provocation that makes Harry lose his temper and practice magic outside of school. Although, we did enjoy watching her blow up like a balloon!

Irreplaceable: There’s Only One Severus Snape

The most irreplaceable Harry Potter character of them all is undoubtedly Severus Snape. He’s so loveable (when you finally know his back story) and such a key player in events that take place in every installment of the series. We could never lose the noble Severus Snape, and neither could Harry!

Replaceable: Fleur Delacour Isn’t Totally Necessary

Fleur Delacour has never really done anything wrong, but in terms of Harry Potter characters, she’s definitely among the least important. It’s nice that she brings happiness into the lives of the Weasley family by marrying Bill, but other than that, she doesn’t achieve much (other than being effortlessly stylish and chic at all times).

Irreplaceable: We Could Never Replace Dumbledore

This goes without saying. Harry Potter just wouldn’t be the same without the greatest headmaster that Hogwarts has ever know: Albus Dumbledore. Watching him die at the end of Half-Blood Prince is one of the hardest things that we’ve had to do, so we couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have him erased from existence completely.

Replaceable: There’s Nothing That Special About Cedric Diggory

A lot of fans (or perhaps a lot of Twilight fans) won’t like this opinion. But when push comes to shove, Cedric Diggory just isn’t as important as many of the other Harry Potter characters. We know he’s impossibly good looking and smooth, but his personality is kind of bland. If the Goblet of Fire didn’t have his name, it just would have chosen someone else.

Irreplaceable: Hermione Is Here To Stay

There would simply be no Harry Potter without Hermione Granger. If it weren’t for Hermione, Harry would have died during his first year when Quirrell charmed his broom on the Quidditch pitch. And he never would have figured out the secret behind the Chamber of Secrets. Or gone back in time to save Buckbeak. And the list goes on.

Replaceable: Percy Weasley Is The Least Important Weasley

As far as we’re concerned, Percy Weasley is the least important and least likable member of his brilliant family. His character is explored much further in the books than it is in the films, but he’s not very endearing in either. Hogwarts would definitely still survive without his services as head boy.

Irreplaceable: Professor McGonagall Isn’t Going Anywhere

Harry and his friends would be lost without Professor McGonagall helping them over the years. Aside from giving them valuable information and teaching them essential skills, she’s also there for emotional support. And the Battle of Hogwarts probably would have ended quite differently without her stepping up and defending the castle.

Replaceable: Cho Chang Didn’t Add Much To The Story

Cho Chang is a nice enough character. But the reality is she doesn’t hold a candle to the more important characters in the Harry Potter universe. She doesn’t achieve anything remarkable, her personality isn’t nearly as layered as that of some of the other characters, and she doesn’t add a whole lot to the story.

Irreplaceable: What Would We Even Do Without Hagrid?

You could search the world far and wide and you’d never find another Rubeus Hagrid. Thanks to his compassionate personality and unique sense of humor, Hagrid truly is one of a kind. Harry’s journey wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t begin with a giant man arriving to personally deliver his invitation to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter: Replaceable: Lavender Brown Is Kind Of Bland

There’s not a lot to say about Lavender Brown, Ron’s temporary girlfriend. She’s blank and bland, and if we had to choose which Harry Potter characters to save, she wouldn’t come close to topping the list. She does provide a few laughs and possibly helps Hermione to realize how she truly feels about Ron, but that’s about it.

Harry Potter: Irreplaceable: Luna Lovegood Is Totally Unique

Luna Lovegood is as unique as they come. We could search until our hearts were content and we’d never find someone who came close to being able to take Luna’s place. Although she’s not the most popular student at Hogwarts, it doesn’t take audiences to catch on to her charms.

Replaceable: Vincent Crabbe Disappeared From The Films And No One Noticed

You know a character is replaceable when they disappear from the films and it doesn’t make much of a difference. The actor who played Vincent Crabbe in the early years, Jamie Waylett, was dropped from the franchise in 2009 after he ran into several legal issues. Some fans noticed that Crabbe had disappeared from Malfoy’s shadow, but many didn’t.

Harry Potter: Irreplaceable: We Could Never Lose Dobby

When it comes to irreplaceable Harry Potter characters, Dobby is up there with the cream of the crop. Not only is Dobby super loveable, but he also helps Harry out quite a bit. We doubt the gang would have escaped from Malfoy Manor without him. We still can’t talk about his death scene.

Harry Potter: Replaceable: The Patil Sisters Are Easy To Forget

We have to thank the Patil sisters for providing dates for Harry and Ron to the Yule Ball in their fourth year. Other than saving Harry and Ron from being dateless, though, Parvati and Padma don’t contribute much to the story. We’d definitely lose them before we lost more important characters.

Irreplaceable: Of Course, There Would Be No Story Without Harry Potter

The character of Harry Potter has come under criticism in the past for being a little boring. But despite the criticism, there’s no denying that he’s irreplaceable. Unless the name of the series was actually Neville Longbottom rather than Harry Potter, Harry is an essential non-negotiable character, even if he’s kind of flawed.