Úrsula Corberó Delgado (born August 11, 1989) is a Spanish actress who portrays Tokyo in the series Money Heist. She is loved by fans. Not only because of the spontaneous nature of her character but also because she is gorgeous. Here is some proof for you! Many of the people fall for tokyo Of Money heist beacuse the way she carried the character. And the way she act boldly in money heist everyone loves her. Tokyo from money heist is actually a good character and she is gorgeous.

One of Tokyo’s heists with her boyfriend involving a Prosegur pickup truck ended in a shootout . IT killed three people, including her boyfriend. From then on, she became a fugitive. Posters with her face were put up all over Spain. And then she met Professor.

Tokyo has brown hair and brown eyes. Most of the time, her hair is rather unkempt and of medium length. With the only part seemingly getting shaven or cut being her bangs. Which are cut in a straight way as not to cover her eyes. On some occasions, she is seen with a different haircut, such as a bun.

Personality of Tokyo OF Money Heist

Tokyo is reckless and impulsive, she usually acts before she thinks, which sometimes results in things she regrets. Tokyo let her relationship with Rio complicate the plans for the heist. She is quick to lose her patience, as well as sometimes being shown to quickly draw conclusions. And can’t control her emotions very well and also expresses them intensely.

Tokyo was the first to begin worrying when The Professor did not respond to the check-up calls. And almost immediately began taking extreme measures. She is, however, shown to care deeply for those whom she loves. As shown as when Rio is shot at the beginning of the show. And when she finds out her mother passed away. She can be very protective and loving with the people she truly cares about.

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