Big Bang Theory:Fun Secrets You Never Knew About Kaley Cuoco

In 2007 it is unlikely that even the fans of the show could have predicted that The Big Bang Theory would become one of the biggest sitcoms ever made. Viewed by many as just another Friends clone when the series first aired, Big Bang has gone to make CBS billions since its launch and now there’s the well-received spin-off Young Sheldon

1.Kaley Thought The First Series Of Big Bang Theory Was Bad

2.Allegedly Flipped Out Back Stage

3.She Had A Rocky First Marriage

4.She Allegedly Chose To End Her Marriage In Light Of Bad Publicity

5.Think Before You Ink

6.She Was Obsessed With Nasal Spray?

7.She Erased Her Marriage From History

8.She Kept Her Relationship With A Co-Star Secret

9.She’s Been Accused Of Narcissism

10.Only In America

11.Alleged Conflict With BBT Cast Members

12.Her Alleged Behavior Led To An Online Hoax

13.Accusations Of A Fake Romance

14.The Leaked Images

15.Her Comments On Feminism Upset A Lot Of Her Fans

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