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Chandler And Janice Should Have Ended Up Together

Chandler And Janice Should Have Ended Up Together

Friends Fans are convinced that Chandler and Janice should have ended up together!

Friends superfans are hotly divided into many topics, from the touchy subject of Ross and Rachel’s ‘break‘ to whether Emily’s reaction to that awkward wedding slip-up was reasonable

But going by a recent viral Twitter thread, there’s one view that’s shared by more Friends obsessives than you might think: namely, that they should have ended up together.

Yep, if you’re Team Monica, look away now, because there’s a school of thought that Janice “OH.MY.GOD” Litman-Goralnik, played famously by Maggie Wheeler, was in fact the right woman for Mr Bing

As any Friends fan will know, Janice was Chandler’s big-haired and big-mouthed on-off girlfriend, and a key character in the hit series.

In many ways, she was the ‘seventh friend’, appearing in seasons 1-10 and getting a significant dose of character development.

Poor Janice got a raw deal, with her loud and occasionally crass ways frequently making her the butt of the group’s jokes.

But she was also sweet-natured, funny, and kind. And there’s no denying that Chandler approached their relationship with, well, more than a little immaturity.

As we all know, Chandler ended up falling head-over-heels in love with big-hearted cleaning obsessive Monica “it’s the humidity!” Geller.

Famous Tweets about Chandler and Janice

However, it’s now apparent that some fans haven’t quite let go of this dream. And they feel pretty passionately about it, too.

When writer and Twitter user Sarah Gibbs (@sara_rose_g) tweeted the simple question: “What’s your most controversial Friends opinion?” she received a tidal wave of comments and over 3.4K likes.

Among the responses, an occurring theme emerged.

“Janice was a better match for Chandler than Monica,” declared one Janice devotee.

Another agreed: “Chandler and Janice were perfect for each other but it wasn’t to be… #Friends.”

“Chandler and Janice were soulmates!” gushed a third.

Others commented that she was in fact “too good” for Chandler.

“Janice and Chandler would’ve been a great couple of Chandler wasn’t so immature,” argued one.

“Janice was beautiful and a lovely person and far too good for Chandler,” chimed in another.

Meanwhile, another commentator wrote: “Janice wasn’t as awful as they made out. She was kind, caring, sweet, and really loved Chandler, sure she was a bit OTT but didn’t deserve to be hate and made fun of the way she was by the group.”

Janice and Chandler: the great love story that never was.