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Everyone Monica From Friends Tv Series Dated: Ranked From Absolutely Undatable To Marriage Material

Everyone Monica From Friends Tv Series Dated: Ranked From Absolutely Undatable To Marriage Material

Here are all of Monica’s love interests rated, in my eyes, from worst to best. From Friends Tv Series everyone Monica Dated Ranked From Absolutely Undatable To Marriage Material

10. Stuart

Cousin Frannie invited Ross to her wedding, but didn’t invite Monica. We later found out that she didn’t want Monica there because she used to date her fiance Stuart. While we don’t have long enough to decipher whether Stuart is marriage material, the fact that he’s been romantically involved with two cousins definitely doesn’t help his case.

9. Dr. Roger

Dr. Roger is Monica’s boyfriend in “The One That Could Have Been.” He was a decent guy but unfortunately, was obscenely boring. He somehow turned every conversation into an unbearable history lesson. Read the room, Roger.

8. Timothy Burke

If you can ignore the fact that Timothy is Richard’s son, then he’s a rather stellar guy – charming, polite, and he has a great job. Unfortunately, I can’t get over the fact that he is Richard’s son, so it’s a solid no from me.

7. Bob

Joey wanted to get back together with his ex-girlfriend Angela who was dating Bob, so he orchestrated a double date with Monica in order to split them up. While they succeeded in breaking up the couple, leaving Monica with Bob all to herself, we don’t see enough of him to work out if he’s a catch. He’s definitely not the worst guy that Monica dated though.

6. Mischa

Phoebe started dating a diplomat who didn’t speak a word of English and his translator Mischa was present at all times. In order to have some alone time while Mischa was around, Phoebe invited Monica along for a double date, as you do. Despite the chaotic evening that ensued, Mischa proved himself to be a stand-up guy. He was chivalrous, respectful, and he had coupons!

5. Roy Gublik

Roy was Monica’s high school sweetheart. He took her to prom and even brought her a beautiful corsage. He also saw Star Wars 317 times, which is pretty impressive if you ask me.

4. Alan

Sadly, everyone loved Alan except Monica. On paper he was the perfect guy but Monica just didn’t feel a spark between them. It’s safe to say that her friends were more heartbroken than she was when their relationship ended.

3.Friends Tv Series:Pete Becker

It took a while for Monica to feel any physical attraction to Pete but thank God, she did because they were great together. Aside from being a millionaire with a talking fridge, Pete was a hopeless romantic who would do just about anything for Monica. He even bought her her own restaurant! Even though things didn’t work out between them, it’s safe to say that Pete was a 10/10 guy.

2.Friends Tv Series: Richard Burke

Richard was definitely the love of Monica’s life – until Chandler. Despite the 21 year age gap between these two, they were a wonderful couple. Richard pretty much ticked all the boxes for Monica – he was mature, reliable, romantic, had a great moustache, and wasn’t afraid of commitment. The only problem was that Richard didn’t want to have any more children which was a huge dealbreaker.

1.Friends Tv Series:  Chandler Bing

What started off as a meaningless hookup in London turned into the most beautiful love story. Even though Monica dated some great guys before Chandler, there’s no doubt that he was The One for her.