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Friends Reunion Cast Says This Is Their Last Reunion

Friends Reunion Cast Says This Is Their Last Reunion

This is the day the world was hanging tight for Friends: The Reunion is at last here. And it is without a doubt a mind-boggling feeling for every one of the fans. However, this is a memorable day. On the grounds that the world won’t see the Friends cast together on screen ever again.

But the cast will always be there for each other

The new HBO Max special is the last time that Friends cast rejoin freely. Courteney Cox announced something similar towards the finish of the Reunion extraordinary scene. “Truly, this will make me cry. However this will be the last time that we’re at any point. Gotten some information about the show as a gathering that we will do this… Like, we’re not going to do this (once more) in 15 more years,” she said. This left her co-stars Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc tear eyed.

friends reunion for last time ever

In any case, the Friends stars additionally concurred that they have partaken in being back together. However it likewise made them live their past times. “I realized it would have been wonderful to see these five individuals. What I didn’t consider was being back on set and being in this environment, and it’s quite cool,” LeBlanc said.

Prior additionally the show’s much loved cast discussed their bond of more than 15 years in a meeting. And said that it was their greatest of all jobs.

Friends Reunion is something we were all waiting for. And now you can stream it on HBO max and sky tv in UK. However, the cast says that it will be the last time we will be seeing them together. Together as a group on HBO Max. There wouldn’t be any more reunions in coming 15 years. And we are going to miss this scene from now on. This makes cast as well as fans emotional.