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Friends: Top 10 Emotional Moments From Friends Series

Friends: Top 10 Emotional Moments From Friends Series

Friends is a popular sitcom that aired between 1994 and 2004. The series is comprised of 10 seasons and over 200 episodes. Wildly popular during its time, the series grew to become one of the most beloved television series of all time. With its ever-growing fan base, Friends has made an impact on generations with its witty humor and iconic characters.
The series focuses on the romantic relationships of the characters, their jobs, and how they each survive as 20-somethings in Manhattan. While the series has many comedic episodes throughout its run, there are also some pretty emotional moments between the six friends.

When Monica And Chandler Finding Out They Can’t Conceive

When Rachel has Emma, Monica and Chandler decide they are ready to start trying to conceive. However, Chandler’s job suddenly sends him to Tulsa and Monica becomes the head chef at a restaurant, leaving them little time to try.

When Rachel Has To Move Out

When Monica and Chandler become official, they start to openly spend time together. Most often, Chandler finds himself staying over with Monica and not wanting to leave. The two decide that the best solution is to move in together.

When Phoebe Delivers The Triplets

Phoebe offers to be the surrogate for her brother and his wife. For nine months, she selflessly carries her brother’s triplets. After Phoebe delivers the triplets, she asks to have a moment alone with them.

When Rachel Finds Out She’s Pregnant

When Phoebe finds a pregnancy test in Monica’s garbage, she assumes Monica is pregnant. At Monica’s wedding, they discover that the test was actually Rachel’s. The girls convince her to take a pregnancy test to determine if she is indeed pregnant.

When Ross Tells Carol He Still Loves Her

While Ross is on a date, he runs into his ex-wife Carol and her new girlfriend Susan. When Susan suddenly gets called away, Ross, not wanting Carol to be alone on Valentine’s Day, asks her to join him and his date.

When Chandler Proposes To Monica

Leading up to the proposal, Chandler acts like he has no interest in getting married to throw Monica off. In actuality, Chandler is preparing to propose but when the two run into Richard, Monica starts to have second thoughts.

When Rachel Finds Out Ross Slept With Someone Else

Although Ross and Rachel’s relationship started pretty perfect, jealousy eventually started rearing its ugly head. When Rachel suggests the two take a break, Ross ends up in the arms of another woman.

Friends: When Rachel Accepts Joey’s Proposal

After Rachel delivers Emma, she is visited by Janice, who delivered her baby the same day. Janice asks Rachel about the future and what she is going to do when Ross eventually marries someone else and has a family of his own.

Friends: When Phoebe And Mike Get Married In The Snow

On the day Phoebe and Mike are supposed to get married, nothing goes as planned. Having fired Monica as her wedding planner, Phoebe is stressed by all the decisions she has to make. Then a blizzard hits New York and the couple loses their venue, photographer, and band.

Friends: When It’s The End

The final episodes of the series are packed full of emotional moments. Rachel prepares to leave for Paris while Monica and Chandler welcome their twins into the world. Everyone’s lives are changing and they’re all moving on.