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Friends Tv-Show: Worst Things Chandler did to Joey

Friends Tv-Show: Worst Things Chandler did to Joey

Friends Tv-Show is a memorable show. The most important characters of Friends had been all best friends. As the title suggests, however a few dynamics stood out above others in the group. Joey and Chandler are a fan-favorite duo, and lots of assume they are friendship goals. Their close, but hilarious, relationship, became a spotlight of the series. And it is easy to look why they are so beloved by the audience.
Because Friends isn’t always intended to be taken seriously. Chandler’s demeaning, and usually merciless, attitude toward Joey is swept below the rug. That’s now no longer to mention that Joey did not ever return the favor. And he owes Chandler his honest share of apologies. But there is a massive difference in the way they deal with each other. And there are numerous times when Chandler’s actions crossed a line.

He made Joey doubt himself

Chandler’s opinion of him means a lot to Joey than anyone’s, and he is taking his words to heart. Chandler is aware of this, that is why what he stated to Joey on their road trip is so disheartening. Joey is portrayed as lazy and uneducated while, in reality, he has a number of the best work ethic out of the characters in Friends. He loves his craft and is continuously seen running lines and working hard to enhance his acting skills. He finally got a role he was proud of, only for Chandler to inform him it would not be his big break. Chandler did end up being right, however it became incorrect of him to put this concept in Joey’s head.

He made Joey keep his and Monica’s secret

Friends Tv-Show is a memorable show. There are reasons Monica and Chandler are the excellent couple in Friends, however they shouldn’t have dragged Joey into their drama and compelled him to mislead anyone. Joey values honesty, and he makes it clear how uncomfortable he’s with secrets. It’s important to note that they were not simply asking him to keep the secret to himself. Joey needed to cover for Monica and Chandler continuously due to the fact they refused to do the mature step and come clean. Chandler made Joey abandon his morals and guilted him into deceiving Rachel, Phoebe, and Ross.

He slept with Joey’s sister

Technically this became some thing Chandler did to Mary Angela. However, he harm a person who was close to Joey, which in turn, hurt Joey. Finding out that his best buddy in the world mistreated his sister became a hard pill for Joey to swallow.

He kissed Joey’s Girlfriend

Friends Tv-Show is a memorable show. Out of all of the matters Chandler has done to Joey, kissing his female friend became one of the worse. It would not had been easy, however Chandler must’ve told Joey the fact rather than letting the scenario spiral out of control. No matter how difficult it’d be to hear, Joey values honesty above all. Joey even encouraged Chandler to move after Kathy, in spite of his betrayal. Chandler without a doubt became sorry for what he did, and he sat in a cardboard box for hours and refused to look Kathy once more to show it.

He made fun of the bracelet Joey gifted him

Chandler clearly hasn’t heard the saying, “do not look a gift horse in the mouth.” Joey would not make a whole lot of cash however he determined to spend a good chunk of it as a way to show Chandler how much he appreciates his friendship. The bracelet he gave him wasn’t the best accessory, however Chandler blows things away out of proportion. He continuously insulted the bracelet at the back of Joey’s, however it became additionally childish and immature. Joey became hurt while he overheard Chandler’s complaints, or even if Chandler did not need to put on the gift, he should not had been so merciless approximately it.

He constantly insulted intelligence of Joey

Joey’s intelligence, or lack thereof, was used as a running gag in Friends. There had been instances where the jokes had been harmless, however there had been different times after they had been simply undeniable demeaning. Surprisingly enough, Chandler was one of the biggest offenders when it came to insulting Joey. There had been lots of things that Joey was good at, and there has been no cause for Chandler to make him experience awful about his weaknesses. Chandler may pride himself on his sarcasm however making a laugh of his best buddy for the same thing always is not funny.