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Monica from Friends: Unnecessary Lies Monica Told

Monica from Friends: Unnecessary Lies Monica Told

Ever one loves Monica from Friends. She was a chef and strong competitive nature, one that only became more evident as the series progressed. Monica’s close relationships with all of her friends brought them closer together, and she was a generally good friend.

However, there were times when Monica wasn’t afraid to cheat or lie to get ahead. She always had to be right and be winning, even if it might hurt someone else. Many times Monica lied to the people. She did this for the sake of protecting them, and others just to save face.

1When MONICA Lied About Her Age

In the episode, “The One with The Ick Factor“, Monica reveals to her friends that she lied to the guy. She was seeing and told him that she was 22 instead of her actual age, 26.

It doesn’t seem like a horrible lie at the time. But after she finds out that he also lied about his age – he’s only eighteen – Monica becomes embarrassed and disgusted.

2 MONICA Told Lie About Julie

After Ross begins dating Julie in Season 2, Monica secretly becomes friends with her. Thinking that Rachel won’t be hurt by what she doesn’t know.

Monica’s inability to tell a convincing lie exposes her immediately. And Rachel is even more hurt that she would hang out with Julie behind her back. Sure, Rachel would’ve been a little upset regardless, but Monica lying to her made her a worse dishonest friend

3 The Lie About Her Future

At the end of Season 2, Monica and Richard realize that they want different things for their futures. She wants to get married and have a family. And he doesn’t want to start a new family in his 50s.

Wanting to keep him in her life, she lies and says that she doesn’t need kids to be complete. They continue their relationship. Until she comes clean and admits that she needs to be a mom. And needs to be with someone who wants to have kids with her, not someone who feels forced to. She initially lied to protect her heart, but just ended up delaying their inevitable breakup.

4 The Lie About Sleeping With Joey

In an effort to hide their romantic relationship, Monica and Chandler got Joey in on their shenanigans. Joey took the responsibility of the underwear found.

Monica later ‘came clean’ and said that she kept the underwear from when the two of them slept together. At this point, her and Chandler’s relationship was already thriving and there was no need to continue the lie. And make it worse .

5 The Lie About Chandler

Shortly before her parents came over for Thanksgiving dinner , Monica let Chandler know that she was lying to her parents. They didn’t know the two of them were living together, let alone dating.

She did this because she knew her parents did not approve Chandler. They were under the impression that he got high in their home back in college. Monica could’ve cleared all of this up by telling both her parents and Chandler the truth.