Healthy Food you may add to everyday recepie

Let’s find out what healthy food we can add to our daily lives to make a healthy living.

Healthy food you should add to your daily diet.Live healthy life . Adopt healthy life style.


It is agood source of protein, fibre, mineral. It also contains omega 3s fatty acids and folate. Both of which lower risk of heart disease. Osteoporosis and high blood pressure is also managed. Although there are many who do not like taste of spinach. But there are many ways by which we can add taste to spinach. Add healthy food to your diet.


It is a nutrient dense food. Very good for our health.It is rich in Calcium. It keeps our bones in check. Not only it improves our lactose tolerance. But also helps in weight loss and many health attributes related to probiotic bacteria.


Many people have questioned that if eggs are healthy for diet or not! But if we look at the caloric value from eggs then we will know that eggs have 200mg cholestrol. It increase dietary chlolestrol. Also reduce risk of heart disease.


Walnuts are good for health. They contain poly-unsatyrated fatty acids which are better than saturated fatty acids. It also contains linoleic and Linolenic acid. These have anti inflammatory impact on our internal organs. And keep them healthy.


We have seen bowl of oats decorated with nuts. As yummy as it looks. It is very healthy for diet too. It contains Fibre. Fibre is good for your gut. It maintains your blood sugar. Keep your cholestrol level low. Keep you healthy. If you doing diet you can enjoy oats. Keep you full. Do not increase cholestrol level.

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