Hidden details in FRIENDS series that fans did not notice!

While the special program “Friends. The reunion” was broadcast Thursday evening on TF1. Return on the legendary series and on 12 easter eggs which are hidden inside. A clever pun on the front of a cafe. A little message left by a mischievous burglar, two microwaves for the price of one … The 10 seasons of the Friends series are full of little hidden details, references and other easter eggs. While the 6 friends met Thursday evening on TF1 on the occasion of the special Friends show. The reunion, back on 12 winks not to be missed by rediscovering your favorite sitcom.

Red, blue and yellow

What can the six colored dots correspond to which are interspersed between the letters of the logo of Friends ? The answer to this question can be found in the credits of the famous series. A note of color for each of the characters. Therefore, materialized near the mythical fountain by six umbrellas, opened by the actors. Two blues for Chandler and Joey, two reds for Ross and Rachel, two yellows for Monica and Phoebe.

Central Perk

Reference to the famous Central Park of New York. The name of the favorite café of Friends also hides a clever play on words. Indeed, in English, the verb “to perk” (abbreviation of “to percolate”) means “to prepare the coffee”. The fictitious establishment, which has become totally legendary for fans of the series. Therefore the ideal place to warm their hearts with friends, around a good steaming cup. It is one of the hidden detail in friends show.

Two microwaves

No hassle with Chandler and Joey when it comes time to heat up a slice of pizza! Indeed, as we can see by observing the furniture of their apartment. The two friends made sure to avoid the slightest waiting time by installing themselves … a microwave each! It is one of the hidden detail in friends show.

“Thanks for all your business!”

Whenever you are passing through Chandler and Joey’s place. Don’t forget to take a quick look at the magic slate that is hung right next to their front door: you will often find funny messages. For example, in episode 2 of season 4, when the two roommates have just been robbed, we can see that the thief took care to leave them a note before setting sail.

At Marcel

Simple coincidence or a little wink slipped into the series by the props? In episode 13 of season 2, where Ross is supposed to spend the evening with his monkey Marcel but ends up having dinner with Chandler, Joey and their girlfriends (thus Julia Roberts), the restaurant where they go is called precisely … “Chez Marcel”. To believe that Ross’s friends have chosen this establishment to try to make him forget the absence of his animal.


The final episode of season 7, in which Monica and Chandler get married, contains a little nod to Jennifer Aniston’s Greek origins, and in particular to her father’s last name, Anastassakis. Indeed, when Rachel urgently searches for a new priest, she comes across another marriage between two Orthodox families: Papasifakis and … Anastassakis.


In order to celebrate in due form the marriage of Courteney Cox with comedian David Arquette, just before the broadcast of season 6, all the comedians, producers and technicians credited in the credits of the series have had their last name supplemented by a small “Arquette” of circumstance, the time of an episode.

Reserve !

How do Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross and Joey manage to sit on the same couch every time they’re in Central Perk, their favorite cafe? Quite simply because this place is reserved for them, as indicated by a small sign discreetly placed on the table, in certain episodes.


At the start of the first episode of Season 3, for the one and only time in the entire series, the infamous Central Perk couch is already occupied when the Friends arrive at the cafe. The 6 people who are in their usual place are not just anybody, since they are the writers of the show.

Where have you seen this house before?

In the last season of Friends, when Chandler and Monica are looking to buy a house to start a family, the beautiful home they visit is not just any one. Indeed, there is a good chance that you already know her, since she was already welcoming Kevin MacCallister and his dreaded traps in Mom, I missed the plane, in 1990. If you wanted to go take a walk, know that it is located Winnetka, dans I’Illinois.

A statue that makes you look big

This is arguably the creepiest hidden detail of the whole series! In episode 18 of season 4, as Rachel meets Joshua’s parents, take a good look at the bust that is just behind her. As long as you increase the brightness of your screen a little, you will notice that for a few seconds, the eyes of the statue light up with a mysterious red glow. Most disturbing is that there is no explanation or justification for this little detail.

The names of the characters

Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebe … If these names are today inseparable from Friends, they are nevertheless taken from another series: the sitcom La Force du Destin, created in the early 70s and which counts more than … 10,000 episodes! Indeed, among the characters of the show, we find for example Joey Martin, Ross Chandler or Janet Green.

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