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HIMYM: 5 Ways Barney Grew The Most

HIMYM: 5 Ways Barney Grew The Most

In HIMYM Barney begins How I Met Your Mother as a selfish womanizer. But these 10 moments prove that he experiences the most personal growth in the series.

HIMYM: Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir

This magical cure that every member of the group has had at some point is a really gross concoction. That no one can pinpoint the exact ingredients of. After talking about it throughout the episode Lily, Marshall, Robin, and Ted realize SOMETHING. That Barney was just there to literally talk them through these rough times. 

HIMYM: Bringing Lily Back

When Marshall and Lily broke up in seasons one and two, it was not a fun time for fans. And it took Barney going to California to get her to come back.

HIMYM: Always There For Mom

Barney is very secretive for a long time about his personal life. Until the gang follows him to his moms house one day and finds out he is a sweet momma’s boy. Ted barely sees his parents, neither does Robin, and Lily doesn’t really, either. Marshall is the only one that is also very close with his family. So he is understanding in the closeness of them. Barney is one of the only people that is truly always there for his mother

Wanting Commitment

Finally admitting to himself that he wanted commitment was a very big moment for Barney; he had cut himself off. Since he had his heart broken as a young man for a guy in a business suit. He since became that guy, essentially, by wanting commitment and being vulnerable. He was showing more growth than he had shown than any point in the series. Audiences were apprehensive at the idea of the character changing too much. But NPH was moving a character forward, and it was working.

Giving Ted The Button

Barney had a realization that he wanted it for simple reasons and that it meant a lot more to Ted. Giving it up showed that he didn’t need to be “that guy” that needed everything he wanted anymore. That was another brick in the wall. That showed the growth and natural progression for his character arc in the show.