HIMYM CAST – Worst Things Barney Has Ever Done

Barney Stinson of HIMYM CAST was legendary, but he was no saint. In HIMYM, the character did some pretty bad things – and we’re ranking the worst

HIMYM CAST: Slept With His Best Friend’s Girl

Barney runs around New York espousing the good word of the Bro Code. But he still broke it when he slept with Robin behind Ted’s back. Thankfully, she and Ted were already broken up when it happened.

HIMYM CAST: Dated A Girl Because They Both Hated Ted

After “dumping” Barney because he slept with Robin, and after Ted shunned Abby for Stella, she and Barney started dating to show Ted how terribly he treats girls. But this backfires on Barney tremendously when Abby forgets the rib and falls for Barney instead.

Goes Out As Ted

Barney has had plenty of harebrained schemes over the years. He of course even had a mammoth playbook dedicated to all of his ridiculous schemes to get girls. On one night, he convinced Ted he’d be able to pull off being “Ted Mosby, Architect.”

Cheats On Nora

Leopards can’t change their spots, no matter how much they want to be zebras. The same goes for Barney of HIMYM Over the years he has shown the ability to be a better-than-a-decent human being, but his baser urges have always found their way to take over.

Cavilierly solds a Women

In “The Bracket,” of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER we learn that someone is stalking Barney and sabotaging all of his would-be conquests. The entire episode is a “tribute” to the depths that Barney would sink to hook up with women. But when he finally confronts the woman that the believes to be his stalker, he genuinely doesn’t remember her.

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