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How I Met Your Mother: 10 times Robin should have been kicked out of the group

How I Met Your Mother: 10 times Robin should have been kicked out of the group

Robin Scherbatsky became a permanent member of “The Gang” after Ted expressed his infatuation with her to his closest friends. Though her romantic relationship with Ted had a rocky start, Robin became fast friends with Marshall, Lily, and Barney. It wasn’t long before Robin became a permanent member of the group. Though the group quickly developed a fondness for her, there were many qualities and actions that shouldn’t have been overlooked.
Robin often acted selfishly and created unnecessary discomfort and stress amongst the group. It’s in these moments that Lily, Marshall, Barney, and Ted should’ve reconsidered their friendship with Robin. Despite Robin’s fun and quirky personality, her inconsiderate nature should’ve prompted her removal from the group.

She Invited Ted Over Knowing He Had A Girlfriend

Ted and Robin developed strong feelings for each other as soon as they met. Ted even professed his love for her on their first date. Ted’s declaration scared Robin and she immediately decided they weren’t right for one another. Shortly after, Ted began dating Victoria. It was at this time that Robin realized she was in love with Ted.

She Kissed Ted & Told Him She Didn’t Have Feelings For Him

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Robin consistently played with Ted’s emotions. In one instance, Ted confessed his feelings for Robin once again. Before they had a chance to discuss it, Robin realized she was meant to attend a work trip to Russia. Ted helped her pack and she left before they had an opportunity to discuss their relationship.

She Tried To Hook Up With Ted To Feel Better

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There are several instances where she would use Ted to feel better knowing that romantic experiences between them would mean more to him than her. After her break up with Don, she was feeling particularly vulnerable, then she tried to hook up with Ted. Ted stated that this romantic tryst might be a mistake.

She Wanted Ted & Barney When She Couldn’t Have Them

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she constantly asserted that she operated inadequately when involved in a relationship. She found commitment suffocating and made her partners feel unwanted. Though her relationships with Ted and Barney ended for valid reasons, her feelings for them would resurface whenever they moved on.

She Betrayed Kevin & Hurt Barney

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Years after their break up, she and Barney found themselves in new relationships. They were happy with their respective partners and seemed to have grown as individuals. However, one night she and Barney cheated on their respective partners by sleeping together.

She Stopped Hanging Out With Her Friends For Her New Relationship

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At one point she started dating her coworker Don. After Don learned about Robin’s history with Ted and Barney, he was initially uncomfortable with their friendship. Though Don warmed up to the idea of Robin being friends with her ex-boyfriends, Robin decided to suspend her contact with the group altogether.

She Secretly Started Hooking Up With Barney

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Barney and Robin began to see each other romantically behind the group’s back. They continued to assert that it was casual and that they didn’t need to define their relationship. Robin and Barney initially felt guilty about advancing their relationship physically.

She Left Ted To Meet Barney On His Big Night

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On the night of his building opening, Robin was supposed to be Ted’s date. Though Ted pushed her to pursue Barney, she should’ve insisted that it wait until after one of the most important nights of his life. Sadly, Ted was abandoned by all of his friends on his big night.

She Brought Home Gael

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Robin and Ted went through a very emotional breakup when they realized they wanted different things in life. Their breakup was particularly difficult for them because they both still had strong feelings for each other, but knew their relationship was no longer right for them.

She Slept With Barney

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After a recent visit from her ex-boyfriend, Simon, Robin felt vulnerable and insecure. At that moment, Barney gave her comfort and she responded by inviting him to her apartment to watch her Sparkles video “Sandcastles in the Sand.” After watching the video several times, Robin and Barney ended up sleeping together.