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If you’re Rewatching Friends, You need to watch out for these mistakes

If you’re Rewatching Friends, You need to watch out for these mistakes

Like all other shows on television, the production team let things slide here and there. It’s not possible to tiptoe around every change made to a set or a storyline, nor is it realistic to assume each episode aired without a few mistakes being overlooked along the way. Now that we’re happily watching these reruns for the hundredth or so time, we’re able to spot some of the mistakes that we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed at first glance. If you’re rewatching friends you need to look out for these mistakes.

The Reserved Sign Was Forgotten On The Table At Central Perk

If you’re rewatching friends you need to look out for these things. Have you ever wondered how the cast of Friends always managed to get such prime seating at Central Perk? Well, it wasn’t Gunther that was doing them any favors. If you look closely, you’ll see a little “Reserved” sign at the table in front of them. If this was a mistake, it happened frequently! The pesky sign made an appearance in numerous episodes.

If you’re rewatching friends see where Monica Is A Neat Freak But Everyone Wears Shoes In Her Apartment?

This is a serious mistake when it comes to the consistency of character development. Anyone that has ever seen this show is privy to the fact that Monica Gellar is a full-out neat freak. She’s always cleaning and sterilizing her apartment. However, it’s common to see everyone wearing their shoes inside! She even does this herself! That’s in no way clean or sanitary, and Monica would never allow this to occur!

The Apartment Numbers Changed

Even the sharpest fans of the show may not have noticed this one. In all fairness, the change happened pretty early on in the show. Screen Rant reports that it was at the end of season one that the producers realized Monica’s view appeared to be much higher than the 5th floor, so her apartment number switched from #5 to #20.

Ross Was Only With Carol Before Rachel… And His Highschool Cleaning Lady?

It has long been a topic of conversation that the first lady Ross ever slept with was Carol, who of course ended up being a lesbian. This fact was mentioned often within the show. However, during Season 7, Episode 4, Chandler revealed that Ross had slept with the cleaning lady in high school. Ross confirmed this to be true.

How Could The View From Monica’s Apartment Change?

If you’re rewatching friends you need to look out for these things.This mistake is as weird as it gets. You’d think the details of the set would be carefully assessed, but there’s something very odd that kept happening. The view from Monica’s apartment kept changing. Sometimes there would be a full view of the outdoors, while other episodes revealed a brick wall. This is a pretty big error!

Rachel’s Necklace Vanishes And Reappears

Let’s face it, necklaces don’t disappear and reappear on an average day. It sure did happen to Rachel Green though! During Season 2, Episode 7, the cast must have gone through a few takes before they got it right, as this detail was overlooked at the time it aired. At one point Rachel has a necklace on, then suddenly she doesn’t… and then it makes a reappearance!

Monica’s Stand-In Gets Some Air-Time

Monica’s stand-in got some air time! That’s highly unusual, but it happened. Stand-ins are frequently used when required, but typically viewers never know anything about it. This one was hard to miss though. Huffington Post reports that Monica’s stand-in had her profile aired during Season 8, Episode 5; “The One With Rachel’s Date.” The person Phoebe was talking to on the couch was not Courteney Cox.

Joey’s Outfit Changed Between Takes

During “The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss”, Joey spots a hot girl in the building across from him. He heads over in search of the hot girl and knocks on doors in a desperate effort to locate her. If you watch closely enough, you’ll notice that his shirt changes from black to purple. It looks like the wardrobe change was overlooked between takes.

Joey Holds Bottles Which Magically Turn Into Cans

First, he had bottles of juice and soda in his hands, then he had cans in his hands instead. Is Joey a magician? We’re thinking that’s not the case with this Friends mishap. At some point, the props he was holding were seriously confused.

Phoebe’s Stain Changed Sizes

We were all so caught up in how late everyone was for Ross’ big night that nobody seemed to notice the weird things happening. Phoebe had a horrible stain on her dress during this episode, and if you look closely enough you’ll see that the stain changes sizes. We’re thinking that’s not just because she was rubbing it in, considering it went from small to large, and back to small again.

The Magna Doodle Is Haunted – Messages Suddenly Change On Their Own

Season 4, Episode 20 may have been haunted. Either that or someone forgot to check the Magna doodle between takes. When Joey was complaining about staying up all night for the sleep clinic testing, the Magna doodle board read “get out.” As the camera panned to Chandler, it changed entirely, and said “poop”. It reverted to “get out” again.

Ross Had Three Different Birth Dates

At one point, when Rachel asked for her friends’ birthdays, Ross replied with “Mine’s in December”. In another episode, he said it was in October. Let’s not forget the episode where Joey and Chandler have an extra ticket for the hockey game and pretend to take Ross for his birthday. They declared the date to be October 20th during this episode, and mere moments later, Ross chimes in to question the nature of the tickets, surprised at this being his “birthday gift” since his birthday was “7 months ago”. This puts him at a March date.

Ross Ate Crab Cakes But Was Allergic To Shellfish

At one point in the series, Monica gives Ross some food with kiwi in it and he had an allergic reaction. He reiterated that he was allergic to shellfish, peanuts, and kiwi. Yet in a different episode, he and Joey are determined not to leave the restaurant until all their friends arrived. The restaurant offered him free crab cakes while he waited, and he scarfed them down. Wouldn’t that also be considered “shellfish?”

Ross Hated Ice Cream… Yet Kept Eating It

If you’re rewatching friends you need to look out for these things.Ross was known to hate ice cream. He stated that fact more than a few times. Yet somehow the producers incorporated a lot of ice cream in his life, and he seemed to enjoy it! He ate ice cream with Marcel, and he also ate ice cream during a date in the city with Elizabeth. Which one is it, Gellar?