Jennifer Aniston says that she is past worrying about being judged: ‘As you get older you just hit a wonderful who gives a rat’s a**’

Jennifer Aniston says that she is past worrying about being judged: 'As you get older you just hit a wonderful who gives a rat's a**'

Jennifer Aniston has been having a great time with Alex Levy on The Morning Show. Friends told Drew Barrymore on Monday while on stage at the Paramount Theater in Los Angles.  that playing Alex has been better for her mental health than years of therapy.

The ex of Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux also said. She does not care what people think of her playing an aggressive women. on the Apple TV+ show. Because she no longer gives a ‘rat’s ass’ about judgments.

Drew asked Jen: You know The Morning Show. What are you channeling in that because it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen as an actress and in your body of work?

Jennifer Aniston replied: ‘It was basically about just revisiting some of the shadows, blind spots. That I put into a particular file and meeting them head on and actually releasing them.’

And the We’re The Millers star also said it was like ‘an extraordinary therapy. Better than any actual therapist that I’ve been going to for years on end.’

When Drew asked if Levy ‘is the closest character to you or that you’ve blessed it with some of your deepest truths’ Jennifer said it’s a little bit of both. 

‘Alex Levy is people, someone maybe in particular, who I have witnessed in my life,’ said the pinup.

‘People, say a combination of people, who I have watched and I remember thinking. “I don’t want to ever do that. I don’t want to be that.”

Then there is sort of tapping into the part. that wants to have that scream into your pillow yell. which I was never able to do until I did it in front of 150 crew members.

In the past she would not let yourself do that.

‘I didn’t know how to. I like to discuss things, have a conversation. A rational conversation because if you ever with someone who is a screamer, nothing gets done. I just go shut down, shut down, shut down.’

And she said she really feels like she has nothing to lose now. 

‘There is a part as you get older that you just hit a wonderful who gives a rat’s ***,’ said Aniston.

Drew then said: ‘I thank you for sharing that with the world because it’s cathartic for us watching it. I’m serious, I just marvel. I marvel, I marvel, I marvel.’

They also talked pal Adam Sandler. Jennifer has worked with the actor of Just Go With It… and Murder Mystery.

And Drew and Adam made The Wedding Singer and First 50 Dates.

Jennifer called him The Sand Man and added, ‘He’s a unicorn because he is joy, he walks with joy, lives with joy and he doesn’t get moody. Yeah, comedians are moody.’ 

Drew then said there was a Twitter debate about who is a better partner for Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston or Drew Barrymore? 

Jennifer said, ‘Oh well that’s a no brainer. There’s the phrase the guys like to say bros before hoes.

Drew: ‘Oh my God I was going to say hoes before bros.’

Aniston then said, ‘Always.’

Barrymore then said:’ And that is sisterhood. And we have had that and you have that with your friends and we just celebrate that and I loved that that was the true answer.’

Drew and Jennifer also played a game of Let’s Make A Deal to raise money for Wagmore Pets Dog Rescue with special Host Wayne Brady. 

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