Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt? Will they really Reunite?

Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt? Will they really Reunite?

Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt? Will they really Reunite? Some say it already happened. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s relationship was embraced by their fans across the globe, and their wedding in 2000 set the seal on their love.

It was to be expected that fans were devastated when the couple announced their split just five years later. Since then, the rumor mill has continued to spin, as fans just cant stop obsessing over former couples adorable history.

Jen and Brad both moved on to other relationships after their split. Brad and Angelina Jolie married in 2014 but separated only two years later in a highly publicized breakup. The divorce dubbed one of the nastiest in Hollywood History, is still ongoing.

Jennifer Aniston Has Since Remarried… And Divorced

Most Brad/Jen fans know that their breakup seemed to coincide with Brad finding love with Angelina Jolie. Later on, the Friends star also moved on and married Justin Theroux in 2015. They divorced three years later, though they apparently remain friends

The fact that both Brad and Jennifer were now single again set social media ablaze, with fans speaking about hopes of a reunion between them. That means stories of a rekindling of their relationship keep surfacing.

Most recently, reports that the exes have been spending time together. This have kept fans hoping for the long-awaited rekindling of the relationship.

In March 2022, a report in Woman’s Day carried a story about secret meetings between Jennifer and Brad in Paris. Jen was in the City of Love to film Murder Mystery 2and Brad was there to sort out the details around the wine estate.

The story detailed that Jen was comforting Brad, who was struggling with the ongoing stress of the divorce proceedings.

Unfortunately for the fans, the tabloid was unable to produce any evidence of a meeting between the two.

Are Brad Pitt And Jen Aniston Meeting For Secret Rendezvous?

Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt

There were also reports about another rendezvous between the two in Paris. According to Woman’s Day, the former couple had enjoyed a business lunch during which they talked about plans to join forces in Pitt’s Plan B company.

The tabloid reported that the meeting extended way beyond lunch and continued into the evening.

However, Naysayers are arguing that the Parisian Paparazzi, which followed Pitt’s every move, would surely have noted any liaison with Aniston. Especially because the photographers managed to snap Brad at other dinners.

In Touch went even further. According to the publication, Brad and Jen had been staying together at a penthouse at the Four Seasons George V for months.

Unfortunately, the tabloid’s story was a little adventurous with the dates in their report, because Jennifer had been in Hawaii until February, meaning she wasn’t in Paris at the time.

Fans Still Want Brad And Jennifer To Reunite…

Over the years, a wide variety of tabloids have featured a number of stories hinting at a reunion between the pair: One even told how Aniston and Pitt were planning a secret Mexican beach wedding. The writer pushed things a little too far when the report detailed the guest list, which included Aniston’s ex, Justin Theroux.

Plus, the two star’s support of each other at the 2020 SAG Awards drew renewed fervor from the Jen and Brad Reunion set. It was evident that the pair were incredibly proud of each other, and were very happy to see each other.

It seems that no matter what, nothing will keep the fans from hoping, and the tabloid headlines about Jen and Brad’s alleged international adventures continue to fuel that fire. Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be any news of either party dating someone new, which means fans can continue dreaming.

The only remaining question is whether Jennifer would be open to dating Brad again, after all the heartbreak their prior relationship caused. But based on her reaction to seeing Brad at acting events, fans seem confident that Aniston would be willing to revisit their past romance, no matter the cost.

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