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Media theories, concepts and ideas

Early media studies considered on the utilization of mass media. Like In purposeful publicity and influence. To help figure out the impact of mass media and communications on society. Media theories have created a wide range of approaches and hypotheses. to sort this out. You can refer to these hypotheses as you explore. And think about the media’s impact on culture. So media theories are important.

Five fundamental  social media Concepts:

1) the magic bullet theory

2) two step flow theory

3) multi step flow theory

4) uses and gratification theory

5) cultivation theory

Here is a current attention grabbing news

Media theories: They recovered from Covid, only to die of ‘black fungus.’ What we know about the disease sweeping India

(CNN)In early May, doctors in India began raising the alarm. About a rise in mucormycosis. A rare and potentially deadly infection also known as black fungus. It is called deadly because it is harmful for respiratory tract.

Many of those infected are coronavirus patients. Like those who have recently recovered from Covid-19. The virus have weakened the immune system of those people.

Two states have declared it an epidemic. And the central government has made it a notifiable disease.

How do you get it, and what are the symptoms?

Black fungus is caused by mold found in damp environments. Like soil or compost. And can attack the respiratory tract. It is not contagious and does not spread from person to person.

The disease “begins to manifest as skin infection in the air pockets. Located behind our forehead, nose, cheekbones. And in between the eyes and teeth,”. Said the Indian Health Ministry in a statement on may 14. “It then spreads to eyes, lungs.

And can even spread to the brain. It leads to blackening or discoloration over the nose. Blurred or double vision. Chest pain, breathing difficulties and coughing of blood.”

What is the link to Covid-19?

Covid patients are particularly susceptible. Because not only does the virus affect their immune system. Treatment drugs can also suppress their immune response. “Due to these factors, COVID-19 patients face a renewed risk. Of failing the battle against attacks mounted by organisms such as mucormycetes,”. Referring to the fungi that cause mucormycosis.

Source of news

1.   CNN

2.   BBC


The mass media theory, concept or idea used in the above news is Cultivation theory. This theory is a sociological and communication framework. It suggests that people who are regularly exposed to media for long periods of time. Are more likely to perceive the world’s realities.

Another theory used in above news is Social responsibility theory. So this theory allows free press without any censorship. But at the same time content should be discussed in public panel and media. It is because media should accept any obligation from public