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Money Heist: Facts You Did not know about (Berlin)

Money Heist:  Facts You Did not know about (Berlin)

Money Heist’s Pedo Alonso, or Berlin, is a favorite character on the series, not just for fans but for the cast, too. Find out more about him here.

Berlin’s death made the second season of Money Heist difficult for most fans because he seemed like the most indispensable character in the show. He, however, came back to the third and fourth season of the show through flashbacks and was as amazing as ever, which is why the show can’t be reviewed without mentioning him.

The love for Berlin is all because of Pedro Alonso, the legendary Spanish actor whose portrayal of the character has been praised by many people, including his co-stars. Alonso has been on the screen for over two decades and is acclaimed for many works in Spanish, but La Casa De Papel made him an international star.

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1 BERLIN: His Early Acting Career

Pedro Gonzalez Alonso hails from Vigo Pontevedra, a town in Galicia, Spain. His mother tongue is Galician. In which he did most of his early work, but he also speaks Catalan, Spanish, and English. His multilingualism has played a big role in advancing his career. His first appearance on TV was in the 1997 Spanish show. In which he played the role of Raul for five episodes.

He graduated from The Royal Theater Academy of Madrid in 1992. Got his first role in a short Spanish TV movie. Named Habits three years later, and hasn’t been off the screen since then. He has since starred in popular Spanish films, including the role of Ramon in the 2011 film, Where Is Felicidade?.

2BERLIN: He Had Big Roles Before Money Heist

Before Netflix took over the distribution of LA CASA DE PAPEL in 2017. The crime drama aired on Antena 3, whose largely Spanish audience knew Pedro Alonso quite well. Alonso was famous for his role as Diego Murquia or Adrian Vera Celande in the historical drama, Gran Hotel.

He also appeared in the TV Show The Ministry Of Time, as Lieutenant Cherry, for two episodes. Gran Hotel, which also aired on Sky in the UK in 2012. made Alonso a household name in Europe, as well as in South and Central America. His first major role in a crime drama before Money Heist was in the Spanish show Boja Suspicio (Under Suspicion).

3 BERLIN is Also A Dancer, Writer, And Painter

Just like Andres De Fonollosa, Pedro Alonso is a versatile man that seems to enjoy many fields of art. One of the biggest attractions to Berlin in Money Heist is his dance moves, and they are not artificial. To spice up his acting career. Pedro Alonso took professional dancing classes at the Taetro de la danza (Theater of Dance).

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4 He Doesn’t Like Berlin

When asked about his opinion of Berlin, Alonso, “His intentions are bad, his morals questionable, and he is always leaning to the dark side.” He didn’t like the idea of being the psychopathic leader of a gang toppling the global economy, at first. However, he grew to love the role, as he fit into it naturally.

He also confessed that people love Berlin because he is true to his feelings. Pedro didn’t know that Berlin would die after robbing the Royal Mint, but he was happy when he didn’t have to portray the old Berlin anymore.

5 Is he Gay?

 Pedro Alonsos sexuality became a major issue among fans, after Berlin’s kiss with Palermo. He also said that he worked in a gay bar after graduating from drama school, which led many to think he may be gay. He, however, said that he doesn’t care when people troll him asking whether he is or not.

Alonso confessed that the gay kissing scene was “powerful” and that Palermo and Berlin had a great love story. Alonso, however, isn’t known to have any male partners in real life and is said to be with a woman named Tatiana, but he has a daughter named Uriel, born in 1998 from a previous relationship.

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