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Money Heist:The Series Was Ruined After Part 2

Money Heist:The Series Was Ruined After Part 2

Netflix’s Money Heist was a hit across the globe when it first premiered, but in many ways, it was completely ruined once Part 2 came along.

Netflix hit show Money Heist was originally intended to be a limited series, told in two parts. These two parts, totaling 15 episodes, were aired on Spanish network Antena 3. After the series went viral and became a global hit, Netflix acquired it and commissioned more episodes. Two more parts have been released so far, with a fifth said to be in development.

A section of viewers have argued that the series got worse after Part 2. They feel it would have been better off being left as a mini-series. While some might disagree, others would definitely agree that a lot of things in the two recent parts haven’t felt right. The following are the ways in which Money Heist became worse after Part 2.

MONEY HEIST: The Professor Began Making Mistakes

The major reason why Sergio aka The Professor quickly became one of TV’s greatest characters was the fact that he had the greatest attention to detail out of all living humans. All his plans were well thought out and flawless.

In Part 4, it is revealed that Sergio accidentally left his fingerprints in a vehicle and the police found them. He also keeps slip up to the point where the police keep tracing him. He gets chased in a forest and is forced to hide up a tree in the final moments of Part 3. And in the final stages of Part 4, Inspector Sierra finds him at his operationally base.

MONEY HEIST:The Romantic Relationships Crumbled

Money Heist is as much a love story as it is a heist story. In the first two parts, everyone was hooking up. A pregnant hostage fell in love with a robber in a classic case of S

Stockholm’s Syndrome, while a master thief fell in love with the head of a police task force. The love scenes were beautifully done and the emotions were unfiltered.

Enter the following parts and all (not just a few of) the relationships begin crumbling. Sergio and Raquel argue a lot. He is lashing out at her, feeling like she is interfering with his thinking. Not a nice way to treat someone who quit her lucrative career to work with you. The relationship between Rio and Tokyo also ends, whereas cracks began to form between Stockholm and Denver too. Love is no longer in the air.

MONEY HEIST: Arturo Became Less Influential

A good TV show needs a really annoying character that viewers can channel their frustrations to and Money Heist initially had that. At first, Arturo is the general director of the Royal Mint of Spain, who badly wants to be a hero and save the day. Arturo keeps interfering with the plan when everyone is rooting for Sergio and his team.

Arturo is a total despicable human too as he refuses to take responsibility after siring a child with Stockholm. He has his moments. In Part 3, Arturo is brought back in a rather absurd way. He risks his life to get into the Bank Of Span but he doesn’t do much. Most of the time, he just sits there with the other hostages. Why did he come back?

4 Reason For The Getting The Gang Back Together

Part 2 ends brilliantly. Most of the robbers get away and settle into a life of luxury, and in the case of Sergio, a life of love. After three years, they are forced to get back together. Why? Rio couldn’t resist calling Tokyo, so the feds traced his phone and captured him. Now everyone has to save him.

After how intense and dangerous the last heist was, they decide to do another one, just to force the government to release Rio. It doesn’t make much sense. Why not just organize a rescue mission on where Rio is being held. And why is everyone on board with this plan?

5 Bringing Back Berlin Through Flashbacks

Berlin lit up the first two partsby being a top-notch commander and singing Bella Ciao with The Professor. Given how much of a fan-favorite character he was, the producers figured it would be a good idea to bring him back, even though he had died.

Berlin is shown via flashbacks from 5 years earlier in Italy. Sadly, his scenes aren’t as intriguing as when he was alive. The producers ought to have left sleeping Berlins lie. He is shown planning the heist with The Professor and Palermo. He is also seen stabbing a man in a bathroom and marrying Tatiana. That’s basically it.