Money Heist Characters most likely to survive Zombie Apocalypse

It has been some time since the last season of Money Heist streamed on Netflix. But the adventure of the upcoming season is pretty much as energizing as the promotion it gathered last year. Every one of the cast are strangely elegantly composed. And they surely had an effect on the crowd positively. Money Heist characters are all brave.

The felling of getting stuck in a bank as a prisoner is certainly as damaging as any hopeless experiences. And similarly as dangerous as getting stuck with zombies inside it. We have made a list of characters who are likely to survive zombie apocalypse.

Raquel Murillo

Raquel Murillo, presently called Lisbon, begun as the Professor’s fundamental opponent in the show yet in the long run crossed to their side and turned into his accomplice during the later season. She was the top of the group answerable for managing the bank looters.

A brilliant and crafty lady, Lisbon has a very sizable amount of information and experience to endure a zombie assault. As a previous cop and assessor, she is talented in dealing with weapons and arm-to-arm battling, so there is no question that she will remain alive during circumstances like this.

Pedro Alonso Berlin

One of the Money Heist Characters most likely to survive Zombie Apocalypse is Berlin. As oneself declared head of the gathering, Berlin has the precious ability of engaging individuals without the utilization of mischief (essentially in the initial not many seasons). He has the endowment of influence just as actual solidarity to battle and guard – the two of which can be helpful in the midst of a surprising assault.

Berlin will surely flourish in a dystopian setting. Since he is exceptional with the information on utilizing guns and vital endurance techniques. He is additionally a resource for the gathering since he is conceived a pioneer.


There is a motivation behind why Nairobi is a fan top pick in Money Heist. She is as of now ready to lead and move forward at whatever point she is required most. As confirmed when she assumed control over the activity after Berlin was tossed out of the gathering. Nairobi might appear to be detached and separated yet her person has such a huge amount to bring to the table. She is acceptable at utilizing weapons and her savvy and all around figured choices can save many lives.

Nairobi is an extreme lady. It isn’t difficult to cut her down and she will give an entire demonstration of battling just to exercise authority over is. Zombies will not have a potential for success without wanting to her. She will shoot them straight in the temple.


Without a doubt the most solid willed character. Tokyo is a talented individual from the heist group. She is knowledgeable in utilizing guns, keeps a level-head when under tension. Everyone can trust her without any doubt. Indeed, even in the midst of distress, she utilizes her mind rather than feelings.

She will be a front-liner when a zombie flare-up assaults the city. Beside her battling abilities, Tokyo is additionally a reasonable individual. Who knows the worth of life so she will secure her companions and others. However surely won’t put her life in danger.

Sergio Marquina

The brain of the heist and the most capable man in the group, Sergio Marquina (otherwise called the Professor). He would effectively have the option to outfox the zombies.

While different individuals from the pack would go on search, he would probably remain behind in the office. Attempting to work out approaches to keep them all protected. He may likewise have the option to make some security framework that would keep the zombies away. On the off chance that the zombies infringed in on their place of refuge. It’s conceivable he will have entanglements and likely a couple of shock bombs for them. The Professor might be the motivation behind why a portion of the team individuals could recover a feeling of regularity.

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