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Money Heist Characters, Ranked By Bravery

Money Heist Characters, Ranked By Bravery

It can’t be denied that nearly every character in the show is extremely brave. After all, it takes major guts to commit to. And/or deal with the some of the largest robberies in the world. The stakes couldn’t be higher, with plenty of opportunities for life-threatening danger. Sinister double-crosses, dramatic acts of bravery and, yes, cowardice too. We have ranked Money Heist Characters by bravery!

10. Denver from Money Heist Characters

We have ranked Money Heist Characters by bravery! Denver is known for his bold and fiery personality. In a way, he is brave for the way he speaks his mind no matter what he’s thinking. One example of Denver really showcasing his bravery is in season 3. When he rushes out of the bank holding boxes full of highly classified government secrets. Risking his life to put pressure back onto the police.

9. Alison Parker from Money Heist Characters

Finding herself in the midst of the first heist as the team’s “little lamb”. Alison Parker not only had to deal with being a pawn of a hostage. But she was also sexually harassed by a classmate just before the heist began. When he tried to share an explicit photo of her.

8. Rio from Money Heist Characters

However, in the earlier seasons, Rio proved to be a bit less courageous in a few instances. He was quite impulsive and reckless while dating Tokyo, which jeopardized the heist in many ways. He also nearly gave in when his parents started working with the police. In hopes of getting him a lighter sentence should he be caught.

7. Berlin

In the season 2 finale, Berlin displayed one of the bravest acts of the entire series. When he chose to die at the hands of the police. By doing so, he successfully ensured that the heist could be completed safely. And his fellow robbers would make it out alive.

While sacrificing oneself for others is indeed a noblest gesture to make. Berlin often showed just how much of a coward he actually was. His power trip during the first heist was a clear indication of his true insecurities. And even the bravest of actions cannot excuse him sexually assaulting Ariadna.

6. Nairobi

We have ranked Money Heist Characters by bravery! Generally agreed to be the most badass of the robbers, Nairobi is a great example of someone consistently bold and brave. She takes over as the group’s leader when necessary and is always courageous enough to speak her mind to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the heists.

5. Tokyo

Tokyo is a notoriously bold character who loves to instigate fights. She always wears a brave face, ready for battle at any moment. It’s impossible to forget some of her most iconic moments in the show, such as when she rides back into the Royal Mint on a motorcycle in season 2, or when she managed to escape Gandía’s capture in season 4.

Nearly every move that Toyko makes is brave in someway, but, sometimes, they end up being terrible decisions that impact the whole group. This is evident when she shoots at police in season 1, and for most of the series when she puts her relationship with Rio over the established plans.

4. Professor

The Professor is always making extremely bold moves while managing the heists behind the scenes. Morals aside, organizing one of the biggest crimes of all time is arguably among the bravest things a person can do given the massive risk involved. Plus, getting with Raquel while the first heist was actively happening is perhaps the boldest move in the entire series.

3. Lisbon

Lisbon is a character who has had to endure massive amounts of pressure throughout the heists from both the robbers and the police. She bravely risks her life, career, and family multiple times just to do what she thinks is right. When she gets caught by police in season 4, she doesn’t snitch on her heistmates, once again showcasing her dedicated bravery to the team.

2. Monica

Stockholm has some of the best character development in the series, eventually becoming one of the bravest of them all. In season 3, she courageously volunteered herself to join the robbers in the second heist. When she became one of them, she came in with full force and was able to assert herself as an equal. Her powerful voice and skill with her gun would fool anyone who didn’t know she wasn’t part of the group in the first place

1. Ariadna

One of the bravest characters in Money Heist is also perhaps the most underrated. Being a hostage rather than a robber, Ariadna had to adapt quickly to every situation thrown at her without any sort of preparation. The worst of this was of course Berlin’s inhumane treatment towards her.

Berlin continually assaulted Ariadna, manipulated her, and coerced her into high risk, life-threatening situations all the way until the very end. Everything she experienced was undoubtedly traumatizing, and yet she was brave enough to go along with it all in order to stay alive. Nearly every other character put themselves in their dangerous situations, but Ariadna was forced into hers, all while staying incredibly strong.