Money Heist: Who is Most Likely to Win Hunger Games

Money Heist: Who is Most Likely to Win Hunger Games

Money Heist: Who is Most Likely to Win Hunger Games

Money Heist features a slew of smart, cunning, and tough characters. Some would make ideal candidates to compete in the Hunger Games.

Stealing from two of the most guarded government institutions in Spain is no easy task. And neither is winning the annual. Hunger Games in the fictional nation of Panem. Each of those missions requires time, effort, intelligence, and awareness.

The Professor’s partners in crime in money heist have proven that they can sit in a classroom quite comfortably. Hence their time at the Training Center in the Capitol would be a smooth one. The moment of truth will come when they are all released from their tubes to fight for their lives.


Rio is the weakest link among the money heist cast He is the source of all the major problems. During the Royal Mint heist. He is the first to be identified by police because they see his face via a phone camera. The second heist also has issues with him. Members of the gang risked their life for them

Being the weakest link means he’s unlikely to survive the early bloodbath at the Cornucopia. He’ll be slain as he goes to grab supplies or while he is dashing for safer grounds. If he survives this stage, he’ll be targeted by the Gamemakers who are aware of his shortcomings. They will throw all kinds of obstacles his way and a cannon sound will be heard.


The former Royal Mint of Spain manager enjoys putting himself at unnecessary risks. Unlike other hostages, he doesn’t have the ability to remain calm. He keeps defying the robbers, thus tempting them to kill him. During the games. He’ll keep trying to show others how much of a hero he can be that’s how he’ll end up dead.

That’s if he even makes it past the Cornucopia. One of his actions in the series proves he’ll be the first to die. During the second heist, Arturo voluntarily takes himself into the bank of Spain. To please the millions of fans he acquired after the heist. One can bet on him greedily rushing back to acquire more weapons and supplies during the games. Hence getting stabbed in the process

3 Raquel Murillo

Raquel is a very likable character. However, falling in love with the criminal and giving up her job puts her decision-making into question. As the officer in charge of the negotiation team, The Professor literally runs circles around her. She shows no signs of ruthlessness either. In the arena, one has to be smart or brutal. It’s even better when there is a combination of both. Sadly, Raquel doesn’t outsmart The Professor’s team and neither is she brutal. But When it’s time for everyone to be selfish, it’ll be the end of the road for her.

4 Helsinki

As a former soldier of the Yugoslav Wars, Helsinki knows his way around the battlefield. Even creatures like Monkey Mutts and Wolf Mutts won’t stand a chance against him.

However, Helsinki is rebellious by nature. In the series, The Professor gives him 1000 euros to destroy a car in a junkyard. But he sends his money to his family instead. This trait will prove problematic for him during the games. He’ll attempt to go against the rules. And as a result, the Gamemakers will make an executive decision to eliminate him.

5 Tokyo

Tokyo is fearless enough to take out plenty of tributes in the arena but she is impatient and impulsive. After the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, she and Rio elope to a Caribbean island. However, she jeopardizes everything when she decides to depart the island out of boredom. When she and Rio call each other, the authorities track the call.

At the games, she might grow tired of patiently waiting for tributes to attack and she’ll go looking for them. This way, she’ll expose herself to attacks. Her habit of abandoning means she’s likely to walk out on tributes that she makes an alliance. Being on her own means she’ll be unable to properly defend herself.