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Money Heist:Your Favorite Character Says About You

Money Heist:Your Favorite Character Says About You

Money Heist has a fantastic cast of characters. The one who is your favorite could actually explain a lot about your personality.

The Professor is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing TV and movie criminals of all time. It’s hard to think of any other antihero that compares to him. Perhaps the only one that comes close is Dalton Russell (Clive Owen) from Inside Man. Even though The Professor is modeled after characters like Danny Ocean and Dalton Russell, he’s smarter and more entertaining.

However, he is not the only star in his world. The genius is surrounded by men and women that keep on wowing viewers. Given the complexity of the characters, every fan of the show has their favorite. There’s something that draws you to them, whether it’s Berlin’s smile or Arturo having a false impression that he is a superhero, the audience loves them.

1 MONEY HEIST:Sergio Aka The Professor

The Professor organizes and successfully pulls off heists at two of the most guarded buildings in Spain. He convinces a bunch of random criminals to be loyal to him and to follow a specific set of rules. The criminal mastermind doesn’t believe in impulsive actions. Every move must be planned out carefully in advance.

If you love The Professor in money heist you are probably an extreme perfectionist. You hate it when things go wrong, so you always make sure that doesn’t happen. You are also a knowledgeable person, and other people respect you for that. Nothing is ever too hard for you to do. As a result, you have plenty of achievements.

2 MONEY HEIST:Inspector Alicia Sierra

Inspector Sierra will stop at nothing to nail The Professor and his band of criminals. Despite being pregnant herself, she uses Nairobis son as bait in order to lure her to the window. She also bosses junior officers around and shows no mercy while interrogating suspects. She’s been heavily pregnant during her entire time on the series but that hasn’t slowed her down.

Fans who adore Alicia might have seen some of their own ruthlessness in her. They do anything to get their enemies or to get the job done. Fans of Sierra also tend to be effective bosses when in positions of leadership. Most importantly, nothing slows them down, not even sickness.


Berlin might be overly aggressive and arrogant but he is fun to be around. He often makes jokes, even during the tensest situations. He isn’t afraid of taking charge and making important decisions. And despite the fact that he has a terminal illness, he isn’t too bothered. Most importantly, he sacrifices his own life and lets himself get shot by Suarez to make sure his colleagues escape.

Any Berlin fan is likely to be a bit arrogant and confident too. Your liking of the character proves you have an optimistic attitude towards life too. Any bad news you get doesn’t leave you down, you simply keep going. You are also a selfless person who is more than ready to make sacrifices for the benefit of others.


Arturo tries to play hero by taking unnecessary risks during the heist at the Royal Mint Of Spain, MONEY HEIST. He keeps on urging fellow hostages to stage a rebellion. And during the second heist at the Bank Of Spain, he voluntarily sneaks in the building so that he can be a hero again. However, he hardly succeeds.

If you’ve developed some sort of liking to Arturo, it’s highly likely that you always have trouble remaining calm. You feel you can take care of every situation even if it’s out of your control. You also love attention, a trait Arturo embodies when he puts himself in danger again so he can please the millions of fans he got after the first heist.


Nairobi does a good job of overseeing the money at the Royal Mint of spain. She goes on to take charge of the crew temporarily when Berlin is unable to. Nairobi also cares deeply about her son. She accepts a teddy bear, despite the fact that it could be a bomb, and risks going to the window to see the young boy.

As a Nairobi fan, you are probably nice at heart too. You believe in making everyone happy. You care deeply about family and to top that, you make a great leader and supervisor.