Mr. Scientific: Science Made Easy

Mr. Scientific has been working for 3 years on his project to make science easy for younger generation. His main motto was to help future scientist. To help them better understand the Universe and it’s Science. His youtube channel named as Mr. Scientific is working hard . The youtube channel Mr. Scientific is helping people with little or no knowledge. And making it easy for them. Especially young children can easily learn science through his videos.

Mr. Scientific made science easy for young generation

There are many questions of which we don’t know answers. But there are even more of which we know answers but we don’t understand them. Understanding them is difficult because of language used by the Scientists.

Science made easy for old and young

But Mr. Scientific made science easy for every old and young who is seeking for knowledge. He made videos on astronomy , space, Big Bang Theory and many more. All of these videos made concepts easy for the viewers. And increased their knowledge of science and space. His videos are helping the young children. Helping them become a knoweledgable citizen.

Their channel format is very different. Their unique quality is that they use text instead of traditional voiceover. People are really loving the way he is delivering the concepts. There are many people who can’t hear. But this channel made it easy for them to learn science. They can read the text through their visual powers.

The idea of this channel was based on the famous quotation of Albert Einstein

If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself

Some of the most popular videos are related to Albert Einstein. And what happened to animals that were sent into space during the space race. Some of his videos has acheived more than million views. Which shows that how much people are loving his idea of making science easy.

Following are the most popular videos of his channel Mr. Scientific:

What happened to Ham in space? Sad story of Ham

What made Albert Einstein a Genius?

What happened to Laika in Space? The Space Dog

Last words of Albert Einstein?

What happened to lost woman in Space?

Baby Universe- From Big Bang To Big Crunch

Mr. Scientific wrote book with titile Baby Universe- From Big Bang to Big Crunch

He also wrote a book with the title of Baby Universe- From Big Bang To Big Crunch. Mr. Scientific spent four years to write a book for people which is free to read. In order to explain toughest concepts , he wrote this book. The book tells us a lot about astronomy And universe. It is divided into four parts. The first part is about Big Bang Explosion. The second part is about aftermath of the Big Bang . The third part is about The planet and future of humanity. And the fourth part is about the death Of universe.

All these efforts he made is making a great impact on people. For those who are seeking knowledge. His videos and the book he wrote are of great help for people. He is doing great work out there. He really made science easy.

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