Pedro aka Berlin from Money Heist: I’m connected with mythology and culture of India more than films

Pedro Alonso, better known as Berlin from Spanish crime series, Money Heist, admits that while he has seen many Bollywood films, he doesn’t have a serious connection with Indian actors and it’s the mythology and meditation, that hails from India, which he is more connected to.

You may love to hate him, or hate to love him eventually, Pedro Alonso aka Berlin from Money Heist is one character that gets under your skin. Intelligent yet a man of fewer words, at times, idiosyncratic, his characters leaves an impact that stays with you ever after he dies on the show. In a candid chat with us, Pedro opens up about the trajectory of his character on the show, OTT boom, and influence of Indian culture, meditation and mythology in his life.

For non-Spanish speaking countries, especially India, for them to fall in love with Money Heist, was quite unexpected. What do you think that one thing about your show which clicked with the Indian audiences?

I am going to come to your country to have this conversation (laughs). But, perhaps, the convention until the other day was the Americans say to all the world, ‘How is this thing?.’ And suddenly appears a little creature from the Spanish industry and says, ‘We want to have a proposition here’. The Americans look to us and say, ‘What, who are you?’ And we fight with a convention. ‘No, it’s impossible, who are you to try this.’ I received the sympathy of all the people. Amid their troubles of the last year. those who were not the majority, the Italians spoke to me. ‘Oh, we did it’. This part of the phenomenon that we can win too. We can be in the centre of their scenario too, together, worked for our show.

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