Ross and Rachel were soulmates?

ROSS and RACHEL are soulmates and everyone believes that. They suit eachother

ross and rachel are soulmates

1 The one where it all began between Ross and Rachel

The pilot episode has a few names. But for them it really is the one where it all began. It may seem like a strange inclusion. Given that Rachel still seems to see Ross as the dorky older brother of her old friend. But this is where they reconnect, and everything starts to change. It’s also important to note that they are at a surprisingly similar point in their lives – and one neither expected. Rachel has just left her wedding. And Ross’s marriage has just ended – and both of them are getting ready to embark on something scary and new.

2 The one with the Prom Video

Its the fan favorite episode in which both nearly got together. Moreover Phoebe asserts that they are lobsters and she was very much right. When the gang watch Rachel and Monica’s old pre-prom video. And see Ross dressing up and about to offer to take Rachel when she stood up. It’s a sweet moment, and one that shows how much Ross has always cared for her.

3 The one with Chandler in a box

The relationship that is the focus of this episode is between Chandler, Joey and Kathy. But obviously they have an important part in it too. Ross was angry at Rachel after learning that she used to exchange gifts that he used to buy for him and also he thought that she is emotionless. At the end of episode she shows him a box full of meaningful mementos of their relationship together and she was holding all those gifts even after their break up.

4 The one with Ross wedding

While this was not a good day for anyone including them. Ross said the wrong name at the alter and in explanation he told to Emily that maybe it was because he always imagined his wedding day in that way and that included Rachel

5 The last one where they actually got together

In the end when Rachel decided to move to another country and when she raced to airport and Rachel got off the plan and at that time they made their choice and they decided to stay together and that they are soulmates.

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