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Season 5 Money Heist add New Cast Members!

Season 5 Money Heist add New Cast Members!

Season 5 Money Heist announces new cast members ahead of season 5 premiere. Revealing the introduction of two individuals from Berlin and Tokyo’s past.

Season 5 Money Heist has announced several new cast members ahead of its season 5 premiere. Money Heist, also known as La Casa De Papel. It is a crime drama that originally started out as a limited series on a Spanish network. However, Netflix acquired the streaming rights to the series in 2017 and released the episodes worldwide. The series, which follows a criminal mastermind, The Professor. And his team of eight individuals as they attempt the largest heist in history. It was such a hit that Netflix renewed the series with an increased budget.

New Money Heist Characters

As reported by VarietyMoney Heist has announced that Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Patrick Criado, and José Manuel Sedar will join season 5’s cast. Two of these cast members will be taking on roles of individuals. Who are already deeply rooted in the lives of two current characters on the show. Criado will portray Rafael, Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso) son. And Silvestre will portray René, the love of Tokyo’s (Ursula Corberó) life who was killed during a robbery. Meanwhile, Sedar will be joining as Special Forces Commander Sagasta.

Season 5 Money Heist Tokyo and Rio

The expanding of Money Heist’s cast is likely necessary as it prepares for an explosive final season. The directors Will release season in two parts.  It will cover the final battle between the robbers and the Spanish military. In addition to the intense action, season 5 will also explore some intense emotional situations. As Berlin and Tokyo will get confrontation by individuals and ghosts from their past. Both Rafael and René are likely to reveal more about Berlin and Tokyo’s backstories and may be the reason why Corbero cried while filming season 5 Money Heist. With intense action and a deep dive into the past, Money Heist season 5 may be the series’ biggest season yet