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TBBT FINALE Penny Becoming like Leonard’s Mother

TBBT FINALE Penny Becoming like Leonard’s Mother

The surprise revelation that Penny is pregnant in TBBT FINALE risks her becoming more like Leonard’s Mother.

Leonard’s Mom

The occasions of TBBTS FINALE could make Penny more like Leonard’s mom, Beverly. CBS’ long-running sitcom finished unexpectedly. Actually accumulating high watcher evaluations for the organization. The last 24 episodes were generally centered around Sheldon and Amy’s work on Super Asymmetry. Which brought about them winning the Nobel Prize in Physics. In any case, it additionally handled other running plot lines like the Hofstadters’ pregnancy disaster.

From START, it was clear that The Big Bang Theory was building towards Leonard and Penny eventually becoming a couple. As the only female main character initially, all the boys were immediately smitten by Penny except for Sheldon. But while both Howard and Raj tried their lucks in pursuing a romantic relationship. It was still Leonard who married her. However, following their wedding, the couple’s arc became stagnant. Unlike Howard and Bernadette who proceeded to expand their family by having kids. Penny and Leonard’s story seemingly ended when they tied the knot.

That is until The Big Bang Theory season 12 presented another situation for them — to have or not have children. Leonard Hofstadter is normally for the thought, saying that he’s for some time needed to have kids. Yet Penny is essentially less energetic about the thought. As she’s not actually intrigued since she’s content with the manner in which their life was going. Looking back, this seemed well and good thinking about the amount Penny went through. With regards to her own and expert story. She needed to surrender and acknowledge that having a profession in Hollywood wasn’t actually going to occur for her. And in this way changed vocation ways to turn into a clinical agent. Which she ultimately figured out how to adore. Having a kid would radically change her needs.


And – having endeavored to arrive at a point in life where she was content. This didn’t appear to be something that she needed to do. Subsequent to discussing the entire season. In any case, The Big Bang Theory finale uncovered that she got coincidentally pregnant. And for reasons unknown, she’s excited with it. This extreme change in her point of view could at last misfire over the long haul. Making her the unaffectionate and cold mother that Beverly was to Leonard.

Since the time she was set up in TBBT FINALE. The Hofstadter Mother was known to be an unfeeling mother. Who has very little concern for the prosperity of her children. She fundamentally utilized them as subjects for her books and logical perceptions as a neuroscientist and specialist. While the show never truly showed his kin, there’s a supposition. That Beverly was especially hard on Leonard, generally not contemplating what he feels. And some of the time even absolutely disparaging him before his companions. Since the pregnancy news came as an astonishment. The show didn’t actually allow Penny the opportunity to come around all alone about the thought.

Penny’s reaction towards pregnancy

And the huge modifications to her life this would bring accordingly. The progressions that accompany having a child could bring about her being angry towards them. Possibly making her cold and unpleasant the manner in which her mother in law was.

It’s important that all through season 12, she was resolved about her underlying choice. And the abrupt shift in perspective essentially in light of the fact that she incidentally got pregnant was off-putting. As well as hazardous regarding what her character gets pushing ahead. While it’s not actually unthinkable for Penny to understand that she needed to have children. There was no sign about this all through The Big Bang Theory’s final year. Indeed, it’s the motivation behind why the plot line endured for such a long time. As she and Leonard couldn’t track down a center ground.