The Big Bang Theory: 5 Hidden Details About The Boys’ Offices You May Not Have Noticed

Fans of The Big Bang Theory, now that the show has finally finished, how many times have you binge-watched the entire series? Once, twice, or five times? If it’s more than that then maybe you may have spotted these hidden details about the boys’ offices and workspaces.

1 Why Does No One Use The Workspace In 4A?

One of the biggest questions about Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment is whose workspace is the office in the corner by the window. As fans know, Sheldon and Leonard do their work in two spaces: Leonard does his work at the desk near the door and Sheldon does his at the desk near the kitchen.

2 Why Does Raj Have A Bell?

Another mystery that would confuse the viewers is the bell that resides on Raj’s desk. After Raj moved into the office with Sheldon, fans would be able to see a little brass bell sitting on his desk. (“The Hot Troll Deviation”). The bell remains an important fixture in Raj’s office as it can also be seen in “The 43 Peculiarity” and “The Closure Alternative.”

3 Sheldon’s Flag Sticker

One thing that has confused the fans is the upside-down American flag sticker on Sheldon’s laptop. Before it was stolen in the apartment burglary, the physicist had a red laptop that had a USA flag and space shuttle on it. Leonard’s laptop had a similar design on it, except his flag was the right way up.

4 Raj’s Desk

In “The Hot Troll Deviation,” Raj and Sheldon are seen come to blows when the latter refused to let the former have his own desk. After much prodding from the gang, Sheldon relents and agrees. However, Raj ends up annoying him further when he buys a huge desk that takes up the entire office.

5 The Sign On Howard’s Door

When it comes to Howard’s lab (otherwise known as the Mechanical Engineering Lab), there’s not a lot that would grab the audience’s attention. Other than his and Bernadette’s wedding photo, there is nothing really personal about it. However, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a blunder about one of the signs on the door.

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