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6 Times We Related To Chandler

6 Times We Related To Chandler

Friends’ Chandler Bing was sarcastic, hilarious, and terribly awkward, all of which contributed to him being an extremely relatable character. FRIENDS followed a group of six individuals, all with very different personalities. Chandler is the funny, awkward member of the group. He provided many moments of comedic relief, his sarcasm was of superb caliber, and he was great at coming up with material in the heat of the moment that would make his friends laugh. Here are the times we related to chandler.

1. When He Considered How To Utilize His Powers Of Invisibility

Over ten seasons of Chandler Bing means many funny and sarcastic moments, but he also had his moments of being relatable. Take for instance the time when he struggled to break up with Janice, or when he scared her by wanting to move in together. Those moments, as well as the efforts he made to save his friendship with Joey, are all relatable for audiences. One of the good times we related to chandler.

2. When He Made Up Having To Move To Yemen

Out of the times, we related to chandler one. When Chandler and Janice bump into each other while Chandler and Rachel are getting their nails done, Chandler finds himself once again in a relationship with Janice. Only this time, he’s definitely not into it. To get rid of her, he makes up a major and disastrous lie about his company transferring him to Yemen.

Chandler doesn’t intend to follow through, but Janice sticks to him like glue, and his plan backfires big time, as Chandler really does end up flying to Yemen. While Chandler’s case is extreme, his attempts to get break things off with his ex before they pick up again are understandable.

3. When He Wasn’t Confident In His Dancing Skills

Rachel is convinced that Chandler and Joey will be dancing at her wedding before Ross and Emily’s and says as much to the two men. In response, Chandler tells her that he doesn’t dance at weddings, as they’re a great place to meet women. He goes on to show her his dancing skills, stopping when Ross walks in and showcasing why Chandler isn’t so confident in his dancing ability. Not everyone is a professional dancer, of course, so Chandler’s dance moves are universally relatable.

4. When He Freaked Out Over Monica Thinking Someone Was Funnier Than Him

Chandler doesn’t handle it well when Monica tells him about her hilarious co-worker. Funny is his thing, it’s who he is and what he embraces. Hearing that Monica finds someone funnier than him is devastating for him, especially since Monica is the love of his life and he wants to be the one to make her laugh.

When he returns from Tulsa, he makes himself laugh by coming up with a joke about the door, almost like a reassurance that he hasn’t lost his comedic chops. While a corny joke, Chandler’s feelings behind it are relatable for anyone that’s ever been in a situation similar to this.

6. When He Struggled With Breaking Up With Janice

Back in Season 1, Chandler has a hard time breaking up with Janice, so Phoebe helps him out. Since Phoebe also wants to break up with her boyfriend, she suggests she and Chandler break up with their significant others simultaneously.

Phoebe’s break-up goes far better than Chandler’s, as he fails many times to break things off with Janice, and accidentally hits her in the eye at one point. Break-ups certainly aren’t fun, and Chandler’s struggle was very understandable; eventually, Phoebe had to break things off for him, but it wouldn’t be the last audiences would see of Janice. : no��� �