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Who is Berlin? A fan-based Review

Who is Berlin? A fan-based Review

The most favorite character in the Money Heist series is Berlin. He made all the characters of the Spanish season Money Heist famous. A character for whose acting charms we can spend not hours but days. A character whose every expression of face is incredible. Under the influence of self-confidence , the thief appears to be a hero. He is character who is best in expressing his instincts and feeling.

Berlin is a character who has command not only on his ego, but also on the changing internal and external conflict floating in the scene. A character who has his own law and his own culture. A character who does not believe in any maintenance. Berlin is a character who is not a slave to any spirit, state, and even friendship and love. Every living man would have had some weakness, but Berlin was free from all kinds of weaknesses.

Berlin is a Survivor!

One of the Money Heist Characters most likely to survive Zombie Apocalypse is Berlin. As oneself declared head of the gathering, Berlin has the precious ability of engaging individuals without the utilization of mischief (essentially in the initial not many seasons). He has the endowment of influence just as actual solidarity to battle and guard – the two of which can be helpful in the midst of a surprising assault.

 Pedro Alonso sexuality became a major issue among fans, after Berlin’s kiss with Palermo. He is a character who is gay as well as heterosexual.

He is a character who is far from crying, shouting. But on every greatest tragedy he solve things in his own way. A character who chooses his own death, a character who had a strange triumphant smile on his face even at the time of his death. It seemed as if he had won the war from this terrible life.